Monday, 31 March 2014

When the village people come to the city ...

Eashwaramma came to Madras with me to see our doctor - devastated as she was physically and mentally after her husband also died, and left her solely in charge of her two orphaned grandchildren. Her son had been murdered earlier and she was poor, assetless, and in poor health.

She stayed with us for a week, and was eager to return to the village, as she found the city stifling. The comforts of a city did not impress her.

When I came to the village after a month, and we were all chatting, she started describing the city to the others. “Dogs are taken grazing there, not cows!  Well bosomed girls, taking these dogs grazing, go in knickers (shorts) and tight tops (referring to tight T shirts) without even a upper cloth, with unevenly cut hair hanging loose. The ‘govalvaalu’ are better dressed (referring to the ragpicker community), with their mukkaal paavaadai (3/4 long skirts, referring to the midi skirts they wear) and upper cloth tucked in and with lots of bangles on their arms”.

The village women  had a good laugh at the elite of the city.

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