Village - a deeply cultured place

This is Culture

Space for all ... the deaf and the dumb

Raa, koorcho, annam thinnu  

Hospitality to an enemy or to a stranger ...  

Village Religiousness - Go Seva

Generosity through Droughts

Village Hospitality 

Gifts in a Village

The Gift of Bangles

Lessons from Eashwaramma

Sense and Sensibility

A Simple Hospitality

The Bus Driver and the SI s cap

Simplicity is Culture

Big houses or small houses

Small hotels

A bunk shop owner  

The Bangle Seller 

Mekala thatha - the Goat grandfather 

Festivals and Celebrations

Bharatam - of the people, for the people

Worship of cowdung 

Our village temples - Yerpachchamma, Sibbalamma, Vinayaka

Eddulu Pandaga (Cattle Festival)

Gangamma Salla posedi

Gangamma Pandaga

Gangamma Veshalu

Gangamma Salla pindi

Gangamma Pandaga - days end

Karthiga Pournami



Shobanam - Coming of Age

Shyamala's Marriage

Draupadamma Temple

The oracles


Zest and grace forever

Ardagiri Aanjaneya Swami temple

Beyond patriarchy, Annadaanam

Water divining

Jallikattu 2018


The Village Realities

But understanding a village takes a long time.  

The village women are liberated

Is caste an issue (1)? 

Is caste an issue (2) ? 

Questions on caste and education and occupation 

Madhyasthams are khap panchayats

The heart of India, and Babri masjid, and the value of the word.

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