Village interventions.



Why Ayurveda 

Ayurveda gets established in one village 

JEEVANI - Milk and Ashwagandhadhi for Children

Jeevani - Kondepalli

Kondepalli School - Interreligious Amity

Jeevani - Dinapeta

Jeevani - Kommireddigaripalle

Ghee for the children

Lata - a heart condition

Munishwari - a very serious condition 

Navyashree - a mentally challenged child 

Redipa - a heart condition 

Sankaraiya - knee pains and swellings.

Chinakkas Knee Pains

Children's trips to Sanjeevani

Ayurveda and Eashwaramma

Other Health Issues


They only want livlihoods



(Bag Portfolio) 

The Vegetable Compartment Bags

Indian Express - on the PaalaGuttaPalleBags

The Hindu - on the PaalaGuttaPalleBags

The Herald - PaalaGuttaPalleBags (Goa Exhibition)

Paalaguttapalle Bags Flyer

Why One Price Fits All does not work

Screen Printing Learnings

The Woes of Parceling Bags

The Price of Bags

The beginnings - a few months down

A few more months later 

Return Gifts for the Bags 

From Strength to Strength

The Bag Group Dinner

A Customer Speaks - Kriti Bharadwaj

And more gifts - the Saree

The simple packing of the bags

Packing into the nights

PaalaGuttaPalleBags - Media (IndiaFoodNetwork)

PaalaGuttaPalleBags at the Collectorate

Eenaadu Coverage

Aval Vikatan Award

Bee Keeping

Soap Making


The government, NREGA, rainwater harvesting ...

A collective effort for the cattle pond -  a community initiative

Cattle pond economics

Fodder and Rice in drought

Rice in 2017 drought

Participatory modelling in E. Paalaguttapalle


Tution support

Further studies - Sukanya and her nursing.


Hostels for Sasi, Kavya - 2014 April

Sasi and the Gairampalle school April 2016

Sasi - the last attempt at schooling Septermber 2016

 Chennai Vacation 2014
Chennai Vacation 2016 

When the village meets the city - the clash of civilizations.


Helping those in need - Eashwaramma 

Annadaanam  - the process

Annadaanam - July 2014

Vessels for Annadaanam

Trusteeship - handing over gold

Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada) and FB

Cloth school bags for the children

Blamkets - Dec 2017

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