Village interventions.



Why Ayurveda 

Ayurveda gets established in one village 

JEEVANI - Milk and Ashwagandhadhi for Children

Jeevani - Kondepalli

Kondepalli School - Interreligious Amity

Jeevani - Dinapeta

Jeevani - Kommireddigaripalle

Ghee for the children

Lata - a heart condition

Munishwari - a very serious condition 

Navyashree - a mentally challenged child 

Redipa - a heart condition 

Sankaraiya - knee pains and swellings.

Chinakkas Knee Pains

Children's trips to Sanjeevani

Ayurveda and Eashwaramma

Other Health Issues


They only want livlihoods



(Bag Portfolio) 

The Vegetable Compartment Bags

Indian Express - on the PaalaGuttaPalleBags

The Hindu - on the PaalaGuttaPalleBags

The Herald - PaalaGuttaPalleBags (Goa Exhibition)

Logical Indian Coverage

News Minute Coverage

Paalaguttapalle Bags Flyer

Why One Price Fits All does not work

Screen Printing Learnings

The Woes of Parceling Bags

The Price of Bags

The beginnings - a few months down

A few more months later 

Return Gifts for the Bags 

From Strength to Strength

The Bag Group Dinner

A Customer Speaks - Kriti Bharadwaj

And more gifts - the Saree

The simple packing of the bags

Packing into the nights

PaalaGuttaPalleBags - Media (IndiaFoodNetwork)

PaalaGuttaPalleBags at the Collectorate

PaalaGuttaPalleBags and the Post Master General

Eenaadu Coverage

Aval Vikatan Award

The Sewing Machine

Bee Keeping

Soap Making


The government, NREGA, rainwater harvesting ...

A collective effort for the cattle pond -  a community initiative

Cattle pond economics

Fodder and Rice in drought

Rice in 2017 drought

Participatory modelling in E. Paalaguttapalle


Tution support

Further studies - Sukanya and her nursing.


Hostels for Sasi, Kavya - 2014 April

Sasi and the Gairampalle school April 2016

Sasi - the last attempt at schooling Septermber 2016

 Chennai Vacation 2014
Chennai Vacation 2016 

When the village meets the city - the clash of civilizations.


Helping those in need - Eashwaramma 

Annadaanam  - the process

Annadaanam - July 2014

Vessels for Annadaanam

Trusteeship - handing over gold

Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada) and FB

Cloth school bags for the children

Blamkets - Dec 2017

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