Learnings Down the Years

Vinoba's Thoughts on Education

Why Gandhi travelled 3rd class

From engineering studies to a village

IISc, my days there, Gandhi's address

The obsencity of displaying ...

The Geeta of the Sardarji 

Bhagavad Geeta ... for all times

Ghadwals ... 


Vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism - does it matter ?

First do no harm 

Mindless economics

The Supremacy of Science !

Science and Post Science

FB engagements/ virtual engagements 

FB is not really enough to engage

The urban poor ... their richness and their loss of livlihoods ...

Give up the ego, not the cause ... 

To take it easy but ... to face it clearly ... 

The road to the village

Those years abroad

Those years in school

Those years in the village

Don't dull the fire of youth ...

Conversation of student with Coca Cola

Only religion can defeat the new barbarians

A Defence of Hindu Ritualism and Superstition

Gangaben - Khadi, Swadeshi 

Gandhi's Choice of Dress

Dhirendrabhai Soneji


Naren - by Balagopal

Naren - the state of being

Naren - and lessons on simple humility

... until a revolution also takes place within the revolutionary

... and the bicycle riders

... all our heartaches - Anand Patwardhan


Co-operation in the wolf pack

Confessions of a wasted youth

We are what there is ... 

Plastics and me

Disposable pads and Disposable Lives

The need to look deeper into sanitation  

The rich have a ferocious sense of entitlement

Physician, heal thyself (Plastics)

Personal choices matter

Feminisim - Kodanayaki

Forget Shorter Showers - Derrick Jensen

The arrogance of the educated, and the bus driver's comments.

To not 'create' a problem in the village, where none exists

Criminal livlihoods 

Gandhian model of development ... that never was 

A Left-Right perspective

Alienation and Brain Drain and Marx

Unto each his own ... no. 

Stable family values ... why not ?

Individualism vs. a stable society

True secularism is true religiousness

Sanatana Dharma - Sunny Narang

Save the community - not the knowlege 

Karna's generosity

The native Americans got wiped out - but ...


Poems (Hindi)


Why I am a Hindu - Jeyamohan

Awesome Questions in IAS examinations

A Story for all Times - Jumping mouse and the Sacred Mountains

Kafka - a story

Aitazaz Hassan Bangesh

Mini, the garbage collector

Sita and Shurpanakha

Drought Storie

Class and Classical Music and Sense and Sensibility - Radhika Rammohan 

Religion defines a civilization



Parenting (2)

Parenting (3)

Parenting (4)

Old is Gold - Sewing Machine

Ramana Maharishi

Uddhava's Questions to Krishna

The Look of Peace - Ramana Maharishi

Tagore and Villages

Kaaka Muttai

Farmers issues and Tikait - Sunny Narang

Communities - many and small - Sunny Narang

The small provision store bit the dust

Heretical Thoughts on Schooling

Down with Schooling ? 

Literacy and Schooling and Beyond

Discussions on the losses in schooling

To study in India and then quit the country 

Thoughts on Society - Sunny Narang 

Sabarimalai and Menstruation 

Menstrual products and rural Indian women

Menstruation-Suranya Aiyer 

Sustainable Menstruation - Sinu Joseph

Menstruation Rhetoric - Mythri Speaks

Menstrual Options and Rhetoric 

Menstruation - Disposable pads and lives

Menstrual Choices and Politics _ Mythri  Speaks

Menstruation - Knowlege of the People

Menstrual Options and the Upper Class Rhetorics

The Nobel Prize farce

The bane of awards - 1

The bane of awards - 2

The bane of awards - 3

The bane of medals in schools
The bane of medals in schools

Urban legend of the Simple Villager 

Decolonizing India's Education - and a discussion

The loss of sills, and real learning and education

Reservations Validated - TN

Local Language protects the community

Local languages and English

English !

Respect Hindu Festivals- 1

Respect Hindu Festivals - 2  

The confused Hindu

India’s elites have a ferocious sense of entitlement

Boycott consumerism 

The advert that said "Get your wife a maid" 

A Kerala take on 'Indian norms'  

A level position on vegetarianism

Ecological footprint of meat, Vegetarianism - Sunny Narang

Essential perspective on Indian society - Gayathri Jayaraman 

Vegetarianism - Sujatha Ramni.

Intolerance of the Modern Educated

Religious Liberalism versus Secularism

Native Americam Wisdom and others.  

All in a Day's Work - Rohit Shetti

The Unorganized Economy - Sunny Narang

To lose root - Coomaraswamy 

Village Richness and Modern Onslaught

The take home of Modernity - Toda tribes, Nilgiris

The  processes in India - Sunny Narang 

Demonetization Woes (0)

Demonetization Woes (1)

 Demonetization Woes (2)

Demonetization Woes (3) 

Demonetization Woes (4) - Women's Savings now in men's hands 

Demonetization Woes (5) - Black, White and Green 

Demonetization Woes (6) - The Grey India 

Demonetization Woes (7) - The many business models 

Demonetization Woes (8) - The working capital needs

Demonetization Woes (9) - Kathiawadi Angadias work around

Demonetization Woes (10)

The first digital-political-financial revolution is Demonetization - Sunny Narang

Total Wealth of Urban vs Rural - Sunny Narang 

India's local versions of Capitalism - Sunny Narang

Understanding the Working Class - Sunny Narang

Spiritual but not Religious


Why secularism became pseudo

Enough of aid - lets talk reparations

The green concept

Delhi Elite Culture spaces - Jeyamohan

Jeyamohan - Am I a Hindu

Sanatana Dharma - Sunny Narang

The mental slavery of Indians - Sunny Narang 


Musings (1) - Need for fame

Musings (3) - Personal compromises

Simplicity and non-violence are obviously closely related.  

Buddhist Economics

Sankara, Sruthi and Smriti 

Plastic Surgey And Ganesha - Claude Alvarez 

Rich people should be out of politics


FB Discussions - Handlooms and Weavers

FB Discussions - Handlooms and Issues Therein

FB Discussions - India and multiplicities- Sunny Narang

FB Discussions - India and secularism - Sunny Narang

 Macaulay should be a happy man in his British Heaven  - Sunny Narang 

Gandhi, like Jesus, was never afraid to take the name of God. - Sunny Narang 

FB Discussions - Hyper-consumption - Sunny Narang

FB Discussions - Gilt edged urban dreams

FB Discussions - Affluance and teenage

FB Discussions - Parenting and Nationalisim 

FB Discussions - The Right Questions

FB Discussions - Global Village 

FB Discussions - Bamboo housing

FB Discussions - Rural internet, technology and issues.

FB Discussions - Contradictions in village work 

FB Discussions - Modern freedoms and the small print 

FB Discussions - Od cycles and cliques and Hind Swaraj

FB Discussions - Tribal richness, and monetary poverty

FB Discussions - We need temples and livlihoods 

FB Discussions - Gym

FB Discussions - World Yoga Day

Yoga - Vidyashankar

FB Discussions - Pollock, and Indian scholarship, and the modern liberal Indian

FB Discussions - Scavenging

FB Discussions - Spinning, Sridhar Lakshman

FB Discussions - Gandhi (1) Nirmalangshu M

FB Discussions - Gandhi (2) Nirmalangshu M

FB Discussions - Arundathi Roy and Gandhi

FB Discussions - Smt Roy and Gandhi

FB Discussions - Open Letter to Arundhati Roy about Gandhi

Arundhati Roy and Gandhi

FB Discussions - Gandhi in these times

Westernization of the Indian mind, and Gandhi

My generation (born in 60's) was so tolerant of Indian indigenous spiritual traditions ... - Sunny Narang 

FB Discussions - The Lost 'Marxist of India'

FB Discussions - Boycotting Unilever and further

FB Discussions - Farmer subsidies and Corporate subsidies

FB Discussions - Farming, WTO and cabbages.

FB Discussions - Farming, WTO, Subsidies

FB Discussions - WTO and the Kaveri issue and other stories

FB Discussions - Smoky choolas and cabbages

FB Discussions - Brahmin bashing and cabbages

FB Discussions - Brahmin bashing and cabbages (2)

FB Discussions - Is self serving intelligence, intelligent ?

FB Discussions - Jeyamohan's article and discussions on caste.

FB Discussions - Rethinking Caste

FB Discussions - Castes  

FB Discussions - Caste stories

Caste Experiances

Caste - Bhangi

Castes and Artisans - Sunny Narang

FB Discussions - Castes and Jatis and the changing pictures.

FB Discussions - Castes and Modern Castes and Villages

FB Discussions - Castes and confusions in modern times

FB Discussions - Indian questionings of Castes

FB Discussions - Castes and Hindutva

FB Discussions - Marks and Caste and other things

Discussions on Caste and Dharampals 'The Beautiful Tree'

Caste as social capital - S. Gurumurthy 

Caste and Jati

FB Discussions - The Village EGS, Caste

FB Discussions - Local languages and WTO

Ashis Nandy - Hindutna and Caste 

FB discussions - on IIT and beyond

FB discussions - on IIT and Other Spaces

FB Discussions - on IIT and further

FB Discussions - 15 year olds, IITs, the irrelevence and relevence

FB Discussions - IITs and IIScs and Democracy.

FB Discussions - on IIT and Modern Science and cabbages (1) 

FB Discussions - the celebration of IIT (1)

FB Discussions - the celebration of IIT (2)

FB Discussions - the Superior Institutes

FB Discussions - Brain Drain(1)

FB Discussions - Brain Drain (2) 

FB Discussions - Brain Drain (3)

Enterance exams

Brain Drain, perceptions

FB Discussions - The bane of English 

FB Discussions - English in Curricula 

And the Winner is English

If we ban English

FB Discussions - Modern Science and cabbages (1)

FB Discussions - Modern Science and Menstruation and Impurity

FB Discussions - Menstruation and Impurity (Devdutt Patnaik)

FB Discussions - Ayurveda and Validation in Modern Medicine

FB Discussions - Modern Science and Homeopathy and Other Things

FB Discussions - A Nobel Prize and Homeopathy

FB Discussions - Diefication of Degrees (1)

FB Discussions - The pointlessness of Degrees (1) 

FB Discussions - The pointlessness of Degrees (2)

FB Discussions - The pointlessness of Degrees (3)
FB Discussions - Id Sacrifices and KFC.

FB Discussions - Issues with Veganism (1)  

FB Discussions - Issues with Veganism (2)

FB Discussions - Issues with Veganism (3)

FB Discussions - Veganism in perspective 

FB Discussions - Veganism and Jallikattu and Coconuts

FB Discussions - Vegetarianism (1)

FB Discussions - Vegatarianism (2)

FB Discussions - Vegetarianism (3)

FB Discussions - Vegetarianism (4)

FB Discussions - Against Industrial Meat eating

FB Discussions - Caste and Reservations

FB Discussions - Reservations

FB Discussions - Reservations and More

FB Discussions - More on Reservations

FB Discussions - Reservations and the woes of the Privileged

FB Discussions - Reservations, temple entry ...

FB Discussions - Temple entry

FB Discussions - Roots (1)

FB Discussions - Roots (2)

FB Discussions - Loss of Roots

FB Discussions - Advising use of first names

FB Discussions - Local Languages and Local Identities

FB Discussions - English Medium Education

FB Discussions - Jallikattu and Far More

FB Discussions - Jallikattu and Local Traditions (1)

FB Discussions- Jallikattu and Village Sense

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (2)

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (3) - Sunny Narang 

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (4)

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (5)

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (6) PETAs FAQ

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (7) BICCI

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (8) PETA

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (9) Balakumar Somu

Jallikattu - Aparna Karthikeyan 

Jallikattu - Sunny Narang

Jallikattu - Janani Vivek

Jallikattu - Dr. PLT Girija

FB Discussions - Gram Swaraj (1)

FB Discussions - Gandhi (1)

FB Discussions - The disappearing village (1)

FB Discussions - Open Defecation (1)

FB Discussions - Open Defecation (2)

FB Discussions - The Curse of Drink in Villages

FB Discussions - The gods of the villages and the Wall Street gods. 

FB Discussions - The note that creates resonances

FB Discussions - The price of open sexuality 

FB Discussions - Debunking Ramayana ? 

FB Discussions - Ramayana - For, Against (1).

FB Discussions - Ramayana - For, Against (2)

FB Discussions - Military spending  

FB Discussions - Property is Theft 

FB Discussions - Plastic Surgery in Ayurveda 

The Deracinated and Ayurveda

FB Discussions -The mantram of modern superstition. 'the infalliable science' ! 

FB Discussions - Agricultural Blues 

FB Discussions - Intolerance of the Educated 

FB Discussions - The purpose of Gold  

FB Discussions - Science and nonscience. 

FB Discussions - Gram Swaraj 

FB Discussions - Village Rituals and Modern Science. 

FB Discussions - Modern Science checks Vedic Rituals

FB Discussions - The word Dalit, the word Harijan

FB Discussions - Sanskrit and its Validity 

FB Discussions - Sanskrit, the knowlege and the politics

Sanskrit and the Clash of Civilizations

FB Discussions - Sanskrit, Identity, and Self Respect 

FB Discussions - English, Local languages, Sanskrit, Colonized inferiorities. 

FB Discussions - Sanskrit and learnings and politics

FB Discussions - Sanskrit and the Modernists baggage

FB Discussions - Losing Civilizational Moorings

FB Discussions - Sharing wealth, or sharing poverty.  

FB Discussions - Purity and Pragmatisim

FB Discussions - Let them eat cake 

FB Discussions - Livlihoods First 

FB Discussions - Ayurveda and Meat

FB Discussions - Scientific Temper and Faith 

FB Discussions - Disrespect and Respect and Religions

FB Discussions - To kill a community

FB Discussions - Theism in the Vedanta and in the Village

FB Discussions - Irrelevence of the Atheistic Left 

FB Discussions - Village, Caste and Beyond Caste 

FB Discussions - Khadi, Local Occupations, Susutainability

FB Discussions - Institures of Higher Learning

FB Discussions - Identity (1) 

FB Discussions - Atheism and the People

FB Discussions - Atheism and theism 

FB Discussions - Secularism, theism and atheism

FB Discussions - Manual Scavenging

FB Discussions - The Left and the Right can take a walk

FB Discussions - Gandhi

FB Discussions - Centralization and Localization and Policies

FB Discussions - Khadi, A Metaphor

FB Discussions - Agriculture and Culture and Localization

FB Discussions - Menstruation and Feminism - from a village

FB Discussions - Capitalism and Anarchisim and Villages and Dharmam

FB Discussions - Gandhiji and Myths on Partition

FB Discussions - Local Languages

In Defence of the National Dress

FB Discussions - The place of Religiousness

FB Discussions - Khap Pandhayats 

FB Discussions - Cultural Moorings 

FB Discussions - From Dress Codes to Morality 

FB Discussions - Modernity and Borewells 

FB Discussions - Atheism

Marxism to Gandhism

Marx on India

Ratnakka's Firestove

Why I am not going to buy a computer - Wendell Berry

Domestic Liberals

We sink together - the rich and the poor


The contexts of Thank You

Free Choices

The Conundrum of Development of a Village

Rural Livlihoods and Urban Demands

The vanishing of the feminists

Greenness in these upmarket times

Malls and the Fall

Caste - Varnas and Jatis

The Fall of the Brahmin (Caste)

The purported supremacy of reading

Posting Truths and Realities

Urban worlds, consumerism, disparity

Religion as a basis in this land

Why India doesnt need the sanitary napkin revolution 

The political myths on vegetarianism

Why the poor dont kill us

When austerity and simplicity ruled ... Hypocrisy of the Green Life

Searches of a Young Friend

The Dogmatism of Atheism 

Ishavasya Upanishad 

The Thriving World, the Wilting World, and You 

A Feminist Ponders  

Enjoying College is a privilege

Theism, A-Theism and beyond - Sunny Narang 

Sanatan Dharma - Sunny Narang 

On Sadhus as Politicians

To Hell With Good Intentions - Ivan Illich  

Local Economic Networks

Indian farmers continue to toil against all odds - Devender Sharma

McCaulay - Aseem Shrivatsava

The Eternal Goddesses - Sunny Narang 

Ananthamurthy and his critiques

UA Ananthamurthy

Premchand - Aseem Shrivastava

Villages and Animal Sacrifices

S.R. Sankaran

Alok Sagar

The unsaid class issues

Dharma Artha Kama Moksha

Religion defines this land

The Right Questions - Vamsee Juluri 

The Court and our religion - Gayatri Jayaraman 

Village skills and Urban Inputs 

Caste, Jatis, Subhas Kak 


English, our passport to dominating

Ancient Intellectual Traditions, and Modernity


Sanskrit and English

Objections to Sanskrit

Sanskrit and reactiveness

A case for Ayurveda

Rebuttal to NYT on Sarees - Shefali Vaidya

Varalu's 1000/- pm, and a party bill of 10,000/-

White men in brown skins

To mock at rooted beliefs

Consumerism, and anger 

Padmavathi and M.F.Hussain and the ordinary people. 

Padmavathi - Sandeep Balakrishna 

Padmavathi - Rajat Mitra 

Padmavathi - Sanghamitra Purohit

Sanatana Dharma - Sunny Narang 

Sanskrit Discussions  

Deracination and Recovering Roots and Sanskrit - Aatish Taseer 

Deracination and Loss of Religion

(Un)Employment for the poor 

Agastya and other stories

Adi Sankara

Why India must celebrate Sankara

M.F.Hussain and his tribe 

The Audacity of Sanskrit 

The 'Urban and Educated Saviour' 

Enough of aid, lets talk reparations 

Worlds poorest President

The thievery of the rich 

The footpath sellers 

The footpath shop

Our endless chatter 

The enemy is us 

The red herring of Technology 

India Rooted in Religions 

Disdain for the Farmer 

Development in Tamil Nadu 

Ambedkar on Villages 

Gated Hells

Rituals (via Akanksha Damini Joshi)

Rituals 2 (via Akanksha Damini Joshi)

The Shivalingam (via Akanksha Damini Joshi)

Chennai Floods - Yunus

Chennai Floods - Muslims

Heroes of Chennai Floods

Rajagopalachari of Chemical Farmimg

FB Statuses - Humour

The Local people and the English Speaking Elite

Limitations of Marx and Freud

Cow Urine and IITs

Waste Plastics for Road-laying – Good, Bad or Ugly

Constituent Assembly debates on untouchability - Dakshayini

The Cobbler

Ekalavya - Mahabharatha


The Deracinated Mockeries of the Gods of People

The over educated leadership (that we dont need)

The rare poor child who breaks the glass ceiling

Ramana Maharishi - Removal of Misery

Ideological Control of Institutions

Animal Secrifices, and Understanding the Local

If I were the Education Minister

The Schooling of the Red Indian

The Brahmin Priest

Levelling the Playing Field

Amar Chitra Katha - Vamsee Juluri

The Confused Hindu - Sita Ram Goel


Swaraja and Samrajya - Sunny Narang

Draught Animal Power

Ramana Maharishi

Deracination - Kolams, muggus, rangolis and Gender

The Deracinated of this land 

The double blind blind

My religion, my roots, my path

Modern Science and other sciences

Modern Science and Other Worlds

Localize First (About Jallikattu and other things)

Cow Urine, Medicine and Deracination

Deeply Rooted Indian Biases

The Gita, Gandhi - Vidyashanker Sundaresan

Feminism, Sarees and Karva Chauth

The Upper Class and Green Ways

The modernist chants, not prays.

Feminism - Santosh Yadav

The Wall of Giving - the fridge for the poor

The Wall of Giving(2) 

The Dutch Women and Happiness

Paramacharya - Helping the Poor is doing Service to God

AAP, and a caution against degrees

The enemy is us

The Joy of Giving week

Morals Roots and Moral Policing - Discussions

Why I am sared of Liberals

Invisible Walls and the Poor

The IICs, the Clubs and Other Colonial Outposts

Living in poverty for a month

Not All Men

Ghar Wapsi Discussions

From Seers to Scientists


Charity and Simplicity

The Millet Story

The parody of Schooling For All

Burning Books

The Truth is on the Ground. Dalitwada

The Religiousness of the Land

Ruskin Bond

Aung San Suu Kyi

Sops - TR Raghunandan

Kubera and Ganesha

English Vinglish

Why caste will never be anhillated in india

Redrawing boundaries of public thinking is going to get bloodier

Sayajirao Gaekwad III

Hinduism is dead. Shut the temples down

The Flour Mill

Krishna, Arjuna and the poor brahmin

The theism of this land

Marx, Weber and the Modern Indian Intellectual

Be ashamed, very ashamed


Caste - Ashwini Deshpande

Democracy and Aristocracy - Sunny Narang

Caste, Class, Historical realities - Sunny Narang

Claudes Talk - Mangala Principle

Sunny and Claude and the Mangala Principle

The Crimes of the Rich, the Poor

Western Questionings of Marx

Ravindra Sharmaji - via Sunny Narang

Pizza and the Village

The price of development - the tree at Damalcheruvu

Farmers Agitations - Sunny Narang

Rich Children Cleaning Beaches

Ads that advise rising above masses

Animal Sacrifice - Gokul kenath

Roots and Cowdung and Cow Urine

Rural Marketing - and the Beginnings of the End

India in Numbers - Madhukar Shukla

Ramayana - Akanksha

Muthulakshmi Reddy abd Feminism

Universal Basic Income

Sunny Narang - The Return of Religion

Swami Paramarthananda on Bhartruhari’s Niti Shatakam

Temples and temple Priests - Shefali Vaidya

Krishna and Karna

Hanuman's Ramayana

On Sabarimala - Ashish Dhar

Sabarimalai - a place for devotees, not tourists

Gangamma and Sabarimalai (PaalaGuttaPalle)

Om Shakti Pilgrimage and Sabarimalai (PaalaGuttaPalle)

Sabarimalai and triple talaq

Madurai Temple Village Ritual

The many agendas of menstruation
Understanding the Traditions of Sabarimalai

Sabarimalai - Krishna Kumar

Sabarimalai Entered

NIOS Board

The Goldsmith

Zomato Delivery Boy

The Delivery Boys

Leaving ones land ...

Is the big fat Indian wedding more vulgar than you ?

Saffron is not BJP

Hanumans Ramayana

What Schooling Taught Me 

Urban Weekend Farmers

NGOs 'helping' rural India

Greta and India

IIT in villages and other stories

To Leave This Land, This Soil

Lessons - Thithiksha

Lessons - Public Sector Banks

Lessons - The bangle stand

Lessons - The Tailor under the Tree

Lessons - The Groundnut Vendor

Lessons - The Auto Driver

Lessons - The Flour Mill

Lessons - The Cycle Shop

Lessons - Ola and the Auto Driver

Lesson - The Auto Driver (2)

Lesson - The Auto Tales, Bus Tales

Lessons - The Economics of the Cycle Shop Under the Tree

Lessons - The Cycle Under the Tree, Part 2

Lessons - The Cycle Shop Closed

Lessons  - Cycle Shop Tales

Cycling in the sun 


TISS and Indian Philosophy

Harassment of Women down the years

Harassment of Women in Trains

Railway Stations

Street Food

Cow Urine and the Deracinated of this Land


Tapte Bhukhand Par ... and the self

Simplicity. And Aspirations. And the self

To understand hunger in Besent Nagar

My religion, as seen across class.

Chennai dogs and dog owners

Greta and India

The auto driver, the dogs and the cats

The auto driver and the crows

The girl and hr cart on Chennai Streets

Chennai - Cycling and Sunny Days

AmAnatvam Adhambhatvam, and filling a form

Chennai mehendi parlours

Deepawali 2019

Train Travel Chennai- Bangalore

The English Educated, and our own Narratives

Why this Desperation to Quit India 

Lakshmana's end in Ramayana

The poor and the Glittering Shops, Chennai

The Roadside Temples of Chennai


The harassement women face, that men dont see

The ragpickers Chennai

On Conversions

The Secularism of this Land

Lessons from Life, of Life

Teach for India

Imam Khomeini's historic letter to Gorbachev

Why the aura of IIT ?

The dogs at the beach

Upavasam versus intermittent fasting !

'Cow Urine Drinkers'

People to Represent Themselves

The GM English Educated Indian

Schooling and Success and Insecurity

Delhi Elections, Gandhi and AAP

The dog and the beggar

The Development Worker and me

The beautiful girl on the cart and her dogs

Beach Vendors

BSNL Closing Down

Homeschooling as opposed to a Village Community Schooling

Religion and The State

Poverty or Affluence - which is the real problem ?

Adhikaram, Rights - Vidyasankar

A working woman means what ?

The Brahmin Dharma and Modern Times

The Assumed Superiority of English

The flower seller, a collateral damage of Corona

The cat named Rani, loved and lost

Arjun Kumar Paswan Migrant

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