As I have had the opportunity to watch Dr. Girija of Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Foundation closely for years, I have seen the remarkable possibilities of Ayurveda. ... 

My own problems - fevers 

My own problems - tumour

My knee injury and the bone setter.

Remedies for Sty (eye)


Feacal incontinence of a child

Urinary problem in a child 

Worms (Krimi) 

Kidney stones

Bladder Prolapse 

Eye problems 

Elaneer kuzhambu for the eyes

The standard eye medicine

Hole in the eardrum 

Toothaches and Root Canals

Severe headaches 

Asthama - children (1) 

Asthama - children (2)

Haemophilia - cured in Ayurveda

Spontaneous bleeding and platelet drop 

Thyroid is completely addressable  

Rashes on the face 



Jeevani - Vata, a cornerstone of Ayurveda

Jeevani - Fever in Ayurveda

Jeevani - Virudhdha Ahara

Jeevani - Curd in Ayurveda

Jeevani - Curd in Pregnancy

Jeevani - Honey in Ayurveda

Jeevani - Water in Ayuveda

Jeevani - Anu tailam, a medicine par excellence

Jeevani - Menstrual Pains and Other Problems 

Jeevani - Cleaning the Teeth 

Jeevani - Simple Home remedies 

Jeevani - Dry Ginger and its uses

Jeevani - Ghee 

Jeevani - Ghee need not increase cholestrol

Jeevani - Animal protien versus plant protien  

Jeevani - Shatadhauta Grutham

Jeevani - Sowbhagyasunthi 

Diabetes in Ayurveda (Prameham)

Ayurveda Food Rules

Triphala for Conjunctivitis 

Vata aggravation factors

Jeevani - The Paradox of Anaemia

Jeevani - Balanced Diet

Jeevani - Ritucharya (Sharad Ritu)

Jeevani - First Aid for fever

Jeevani - Review by Claude Alvarez

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