As I have had the opportunity to watch Dr. Girija of Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Foundation closely for years, I have seen the remarkable possibilities of Ayurveda. ... 

My own problems - fevers 

My own problems - tumour

My knee injury and the bone setter.

Remedies for Sty (eye)


Feacal incontinence of a child

Urinary problem in a child 

Worms (Krimi) 

Kidney stones

Bladder Prolapse 

Eye problems 

Elaneer kuzhambu for the eyes

The standard eye medicine

Hole in the eardrum 

Toothaches and Root Canals

Severe headaches 

Acid peptic disease of gastro intestinal tract

Vata aggravation treated

Descending bladder.

Asthama - children (1) 

Asthama - children (2)

Haemophilia - cured in Ayurveda

Spontaneous bleeding and platelet drop 

Bladder Prolapse

Thyroid is completely addressable  

Rashes on the face 



Child's severe urinary problem

The millet perspectives

Jaggery and Sugar - Ayurveda

Jeevani - Vata, a cornerstone of Ayurveda

Jeevani - Fever in Ayurveda

Jeevani - Virudhdha Ahara

Jeevani - Curd in Ayurveda

Jeevani - Curd in Pregnancy

Jeevani - Honey in Ayurveda

Jeevani - Water in Ayuveda

Jeevani - Anu tailam, a medicine par excellence

Anu Tailam in the Village

Jeevani - Menstrual Pains and Other Problems 

Jeevani - Cleaning the Teeth 

Jeevani - Simple Home remedies 

Jeevani - Dry Ginger and its uses

Jeevani - Ghee 

Jeevani - Ghee need not increase cholestrol

Jeevani - Animal protien versus plant protien  

Jeevani - Shatadhauta Grutham

Jeevani - Sowbhagyasunthi 

Diabetes in Ayurveda (Prameham)

Ayurveda Food Rules

Triphala for Conjunctivitis 

Vata aggravation factors

Jeevani - The Paradox of Anaemia

Jeevani - Balanced Diet

Jeevani - Ritucharya (Sharad Ritu)

Jeevani - Jasmines healing properties

Jeevani - First Aid for fever

Jeevani - Puberty Rituals in Ayurveda, and in traditional practices

Jeevani - Review by Claude Alvarez

JeevaniMilk and Cheap Solutions

JeevaniMilk and the self proclaimed dalit activists

Sunny Narang - Jeevani and Dalit Assertion politics

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