Tuesday, 29 April 2014



Children are all bright and beautiful … eager to study … but the sincere teacher is rare. In a single teacher school, in the single roomed school, the children sit in rows. Each row on the floor is a class, from 1 to 5. If the single teacher is insincere, where are the children ? Nowhere. The children struggle eagerly through primary school, through secondary school, through a diploma or a degree and end up nowhere.

Their own commitment to studies is complete. The children return from school by four or five, light the fire, heat water for their bath, bathe, cook the evening meal before the mother returns tired from labour and come neat and clean for their evening studies. Now when we are there in the village, the children continue to come home and study. When we are away, revision work given to them is done sincerely and daily, until we come again … that is the responsibility that is the essence of all education. Starting with a very heavy handicap … with exceptional hard work  and innate talent some come quite a long way … and come up against a wall when it comes to further expenses. 

Supporting those children very talented but on the verge of dropping out due to finances is needed. When a deserving student is having to stop studies due to financial constraints, we help on a case by case basis. Vishnu and Madhu got into engineering and MBA on their own strength, and needed computers which they could simply not afford. That was a necessary intervention. Tutions have helped significantly as the children are all from illiterate homes.

The children need nutritional support as a malnourished childhood is unacceptable, apart from that they cannot study in that state of health. The daily milk and ashwagandhadhi has worked remarkably. 

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