Monday, 28 April 2014

Dharmam in daily life

'Devudu unnadu' - The God is there.
'Devudu chooskuntaadu' - The God will take care.
'Dharmam kaadu' - That is not Dharmam
'Ade dharmam' - that is Dharmam

These are phrases that are part of normal talk in Palagutaapalle Dalitwada. Every third sentence is such a phrase. Referances to the Mahabharatha stories are similarly very common.

Light, jyothi, represents godhood. Even when the electric light comes on, my village people bow to it, a quiet reverential bending of the head. This is a culture. Reverance is built into simple daily acts. But the urbanite blows out light - candles are lit on a cake, and puffed out. 

"Dharmam is to do a good job even if no one is watching.", Annasamy anna tells me.

The Indian ethos breathes religiousness - in a very simple and natural manner. If one denies that, one cannot relate to, or engage with the people. One may oneself  be far less religious, that is accepted - as the Indian philosophy accepts all. But the religiousness of the ordinary Indian one cannot deny.

Gandhi understood that, was himself deeply religious in a simple manner, and thereby touched a chord in people - which we the 'modern educated' are unable to.

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