Wednesday, 23 April 2014


'there crept into her some power, too quiet to be energy, too gentle to be force' ... these were words in 'Peony' by Pearl S. Buck.

The Indian village has this power ... and this was the power on which Gandhi's ahimsa and satyagraha was built.

I see this power in Eashwaramma and Chinapaapakka. This power which allows Chinapaapakka give to a mendicant when asked, discover later that the recipien
t was a fraud, and then to beleive again and give the next mendicant. When she herself has run out of rice stock at home ... and there is no employment in the drought. This is the power they name devudu or dharmam.

It is this power that we need to understand, and to build on it the structure of justice, prosperity and goodness. From this power will arise the strength to defeat every wrong in the country. If we learn to understand it.

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