Thursday, 24 April 2014


Sukanya - all of 19 years, dalit, landless, mother working as a sweeper, father abandoned the family in her early childhood ... sweetest child, a mentor to all the village children. She failed  her 10th, passed the next year, did a 1 year ANM course and joined work as a assistant nurse for Rs. 3000/- for a 12 hour job. After this on her own initiative she did intermediate parttime. She could not do Biology parttime. She desperately wished to study more ... with her present qualification her salary would never get hi-
gher and overwork would be the norm.
There is an oversupply of ANM nurses.

A B.Sc. nursing course would have cost lakhs and was beyond her dreams. Also, for that course Biology in the intermediate was a prerequisite which she did not have.

At that time a friend of ours was willing to fund her GNM (Nursing) course. It was not that expensive, and would improve her prospects somewhat. Sukanya beamed down the phone at the news, immediately went  around colleges, found out the costs, called me up to confirm if she may pay the chalaan. She convinced her mother, a sweeper, that she has to study further. The mother has agreed to run the house with only her salary while she studies. Sukanya is a student once again ...

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