Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The giving counts ... not us.

 We are merely some small intruments in the process. Irrelevevent and inconsequential. But it is infinitely important for ourselves that we participate in the flow of dharma ... It is our egos and our insecurities that act as hinderances to this cosmic flow, and so we stash for our future, in the face of hunger elsewhere today. What is it that gives the Eashwarammas the strength to share to today's food with every mendicant - when their meal for tomorrow is uncertian ?

There is no 'giver' and 'taker'. The village people also have that deep understanding, and they take with complete naturalness when the need is there, and the giver gives. They also see the role of God - that God puts the thought into the mind of the  person who acts, asEashwaramma tells me.". All sharing can happen  only when the self melts away, and we become just instruments of a larger purpose.  

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