Thursday, 1 May 2014

Someone wanted to be 'convinced' in the need to act ...

I got a terse mail, "action does not happen until there is a pushing force and a momentum. And that requires the brain to be convinced. you need to engage in a proper debate and convince people. one sided bombardment of information does not work, i am afraid there are plenty of sad stories all around us - we need concrete plans....."

I am just giving stories from my village and that is all i intend to do. Stories of the generosity of the village people, the goodness, the tribulations, the desperate needs, their strengths in the face of soul destroying difficulties and the roads for intervention.

I have not made it my mandate to convince people on the 'need to act' or to offer the 'best method'. And actually each and every and any mode of intervention is required to address the desperate conditions of our countrymen. If an Indian needs to 'be convinced', he is either blind, or deaf.

Yes, genuine collective searches driven by many hearts and many heads is needed. On how to help, and how to intervene. And the searching has to be in step with action and sacrifice - 'in the right direction, as god gives us to see the right direction'. Those searches we have to together embark on together in hope.

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