Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Arguments against charity

I was told, "action does not happen until there is a momentum. And that requires the brain to be convinced. you need to engage in a proper debate and convince people. one sided bombardment of information does not work, i am afraid. there are plenty of sad stories all around us.....we need concrete plans....."

I am just giving stories from my village ... and that is all i intend to do. Stories of the generosity of the village people, the goodness, the tribulations, the desperate needs, their strengths in the face of soul destroying difficulties ... and the roads for intervention ...

I have not made it my mandate to convince people on the 'need to act', or to offer the 'best method'. If an indian needs to 'be convinced' ... he is either blind, or deaf.

Another argument
X - 73% of India lives in villages and they expect the 27% of the urban population to support them by doles and employment, very unfair. 

Y - Its the other way round. The people in the rural areas pay taxes on the goods and services they buy and this amount is much more than the services they receive. A lion's share of the net income of the government is spent on urban and industrial infrastructure. The subsidy to industry and urban areas is many times more than that to agriculture. Please go through the budget before making statements. The taxes the urban people pay are not enough to support urban infrastructure and services and so these are heavily subsidised. So also industry gets many times more subsidy than agriculture.

Subsidy is not measured only in money - but also in real cost.  How will we cost the farmer's sweat, and undernourished child which is giving us our 'subsidized rice and milk'.

There were some discussions about whether to give to ‘Ms X’s charity' and 'Ms.Y’s charity'

1. There is no charity. There is enough provided by god and nature for everyone's present needs. We have more in our keeping than our 'today's needs'. That belongs to another person who is deprived by our having more that what we need today. that we are returning that - very partly - to the person to whom god had meant it for.

2. there is no Ms X's cause or Ms Y's cause. X and Y are irrelevent (and distractions). The things have to flow from where there is more to where there is less- and will in nature , and in god's good time

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