Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cataract options

This is a request. Many people in my village (Paalaguttapalle, Dalitwada) need to have their cataract addressed. Each time the government advises a camp they all set out, paying their charge - and again return as ten times as many village people would have landed up there, than there was facility for.

The village is near Tirupathi/ Pakala. Would there be some group of medicoes who could conduct a camp - there would be enough people in the neighbouring hamlets to justify the need ?

I was going to bring Eashwaramma down to get her cataract done here - but they are all requesting to come. It is a real need.


I thank all the friends who helped with leads. Finally the best option was a Sankara Netralaya in Tirupathi. Have called another friend in Tirupathi who will help my village people with the office work there.

For all those who may need the details, this site gives their branches.


The usual catarat option for the village people ... 'When the government camp for free cataract operation was announced near Chandragiri Eashwaramma was eager, hoping that at least the non-blind eye would improve with surgery. She was up very early, so that she could do her cooking, and organize some fodder for her cow, and catch the train at Vallivedu. She, Sankaranna and some others left, thinking they would be back after a couple of days. She went tearfully as she had left the home and cow care to her little granddaughter, and was upset that the little child had no support but herself. But late that night the patients were back tired and hungry and unsuccessful as only limited number of operations were possible and majority of the candidates were turned back. She is awaiting information of another free camp. '

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