Friday, 23 May 2014

Eashwaramma's cataract operation and other things ...

A cataract camp for the poor was announced, and Eashwaramma rushed there with two other village people. Just as I had worked out the details with Sankara Netralaya in Tirupathi !  
I worry about her ... and am waiting to talk to her. I wonder how her grandchildren, Sasi and Kavya, would be feeling - solely dependent as they are on her.

Varalu called and proudly told me that she had made 10kg of mango pickles. Annapurna is making twenty. I have to sell it all !! They are very enthused now that i told them that their tomato pickle was well received. All the village people want is a way of earning an honourable living. And that is what is proving so hard to create.

Varalu is sincerely teaching Sasi, and he is getting fit finally to join the middle school without getting named a dud ! Varalu as a much loved teacher will, I hope, have a benign influence on this fatherless child. Varalu is also giving out milk with Ashwagandhadhi and the village children are blossoming. Varalu, herself has faced the blows of life with fortitude. Since her drunk husband abandoned her, she has sole charge of her three small children. She is grateful for the small earning opportunities that come her way.

Slowly, ayurveda is making inroads into their concsiousness. We hope that between their own local systems and an ayurveda which completely parallels their system, a viable option should build up which displaces allopathy as the dominant option.

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