Saturday, 24 May 2014

Eashwaramma's cataract surgery has happenned.

Eashwaramma's cataract operation has got done and she is back home. The government camp where she went to was in Sankara Nethralaya itself, which is where I had been trying for an appointment . The operation was done 24 hours ago, and she says vision is still cloudy, and the eye is painful and watering. The other eye is blind.

Her granddaughter Kavya, 12 years, has to collect firewood, cook, wash, graze the cow and cut grass for it. She has to do all the work for a long while as Eashwaramma cannot go near the smoke of firewood for two months she said. But Eashwaramma said that when Varalu and Annapurna come with their pickles and vadaams to Chennai, she will send Kavya and her brother Sasi also to Chennai for a vacation. She said she will eat in someone's house for two days. She herself feels sorry for Kavya who has simply been working through the summer holidays.  

Varalu is upbeat since I told her that her tomato pickles were much appreciated in Chennai. And had since made mango pickles and is now making the paapads.

One friend went out on a limb locating the hospital, making calls and fixing introductions with the doctors there for me. The contacts are going to be very useful for further cases.Another friend who immediately transferred some money for her operation. The operation was free, but she will need rest, and the money will be useful for her further expenses and travels to the hospital again.  

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