Friday, 30 May 2014

Eye problems

Chronic eye discomfort (Narration by patient)

For a long time, I was suffering from eye problems like swelling, burning eyes, watering of the eyes and double vision (after reading for sometime, all the letters would appear double). In the last 3 years, the problem had become very acute. I had visited several doctors and took the prescribed medicines, but did not get any relief. So I decided not to go to any doctor nor undergo any further treatment for this problem. I used to attend Bhagvad Gita classes every Sunday. There I learnt about Sanjeevani Ayurveda Centre and was advised by the teacher to consult Dr Girija . This was, I think, in March 2008.

Treatment at Sanjeevani

At Sanjeevani, I was given the following medicines at different times:
1. Saptamruta Loham
2. Mahatriphaladyam Ghrtam
3. Mahatiktham Ghrtam
4. Ilaneer Kuzhampu
5. Triphala Thailam

These medicines were given at different times of the day and were for both internal consumption and external application (for eyes and head).

By July 2008, all my problems – burning of the eyes, watering of the eyes,double vision etc., have been completely cured. I am greatly indebted to Sanjeevani for this.

This adult’s problem was diagnosed as one caused by imbalance of
pitta dosha and hence along with the medicines, pitta-reducing diet was recommended. Any treatment can be successful only when appropriate diet is alo prescribed.

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