Monday, 5 May 2014

Helping those in need .... Eashwaramma ...

Eashwaramma was pushed to the wall -  blind in one eye, assetless and only guardian of her two orphaned grandchildren. Once we assured her than there would be a security net for her, and we also helped her back to health with good ayurvedic medicines, she again found her strength. She continues to work as hard as she can, grazing and looking after her cow and the children.But the running account she has in the shop, and the money we pay towards the needs of the children keeps her confidence up.

Varalu needing to singly bring up her three children needs assured earnings. That we have organized thro' different possibilities. From tutions for village children to embroidary work.

There are such families that need some clear and steady support. At any cost. And the line between their poverty and destitution is a narrow one.

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