Saturday, 17 May 2014

May 17 2014 ... life carries on in the village ...

In the midst of all the unheavles caused by the elections, small lives, and small responsibilities go on.

Varalu called up to confirm on how to use Triphala for her cough. She was very pleased with the immediate wound healing quality of Triphala. She said her child's wounld was bleeding heavily and that on application the bleeding immediately stopped. And that she gave it to Siddiah of the opposite house also and it worked immediately for him also. I was happy, because Triphala is so inexpensive, and so potent in its effects. I again explained to her again on how to use it  for wounds, eye problems like conjunctivitis, throat pains and mouth boils. I told her about the time when I had gone to our dentist,  who knows our ayurvedic doctor, and who permits us to use ayurvedic medicines through his interventions had in one case, insisted on allopathic medicines. He had pulled out my daughters's tooth and said that this time it was a deep wound and that he would have to insist on a course of antibiotics. I  simply applied a lot of Triphala a few times. The wound healed quickly. 

We need to restore to the people their inheritence of ayurveda. Which is in complete sync with their owm local health traditions ... and along with restoring health, restores their sense of identity and self confidence.

Varalu, continues to teach  Sasi with sincerity, boils and gives milk to the children, earns her small salary, and refuses to be overwhelmed or defeated about being the sole parent and support for her three small children. The village children are continuing to bounce back to health with the milk given daily. The deep irony is that a community that rears cows and supplies milk to the country has been rendered too poor to drink milk, and need to sell every drop to their basic needs. And that correction is actually our primary and only job.

Regarding annadaanam, the people have made the clear choice of sharing with the opposite village, even when their share will come down. As usual I am humbled by their choice, even in such hard times.

Eashwaramma is running after her cow, and the mestri. The mestri is playing truant and she has given him an 'advance'. But it will happen - in a community no one completely defaults. She is single handedly with one eye blind and the other hazy with cataract and due for a surgey soon as soon as the mestri finishes his work, grazing her cow, bringing up her grandchildren, chasing the mestris, cutting grass. looking for work. But her health has got restored with ayurveda, and she is the clerarest and strongest proponent of ayurveda in the community.

Small, simple, humble day to day works ... in village after village ... on which rest the larger changes that are shaking our country

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