Friday, 2 May 2014

Restoring health to children with milk, ashwagandhadhi, loha bhasmam

A generous friend gave money and I approached our ayurvedic doctor for advice asking how best could we intervene with 5000/- p.m. Our doctor said that as the children are all anaemic, and at the same time dry with undernourishment, milk with some ayurvedic tonic medicines and also an iron compound for a few days,  was the best intervention. ( 1/4tsp ashwagandhadhi and 50mg loha bhasmam - the latter for only 6 weeks). The doctor assured that in a month results would be visible.
The village children blossomed  in a span of less than a month !  The children came running home tumbling over each other to say, "See I've grown', "I eat well now', "No leg pains", "See I'm fat now" ... I have seen Eashwaramma's grandson Sasi as always puny - and he weighs a kg more now. Most children have put on a half kg or more  importantly their sense of well being has gone up. Many of them used to have cramping pains at night in their legs, poor appetite ... now the parents are all happy that the children have none of these complaints. 
For our village, our doctor, Dr. Girija, has been firm that ghee/milk-based medicines ... as opposed to dry medicines, was required because their diet is so poor, and devoid of fats. Simply advising them to have greens as in allopathy along with iron tablets, or even giving the cheaper tablet based ayurvedic preparations will not suffice - because they are nutritionally so depleted. This milk with medicines has been like rain falling on parched lands. 
- Varalu was sourcing the milk and supplying to the children. She was getting a small stipend for that. She was so happy. Only 20 years herself, mother of three, abandoned by her husband, and so happy to earn money through any honorable work. The milk she boiled and gave was infused with love and care. The vessel would somehow serve any number of children ... and any number of times ... so it seemed to me.
- Eashwaramma's cow was giving the milk. As we paid a little more for the milk, she was able to buy rice bran for the cow. The cow started looking more nourished.
- The cow started giving even more milk, and Eashwaramma was even happier ...
Seeing the expanding waves of goodness, the gnenrous friend was the happiest ... and she wanted to give a little more so that the adolescent girls could also have milk. Jayanthi, Kavya, Shwetha ... when they has asked why they were not having milk too I had said 'later'. now that the 'later' has come ... they are all also running down to Varalu's home for the milk ... 
5000/- to 10,000/- p.m. can restore health to the children of a small village ... it should, must happen in village after village ... now ... We do not need to be a 'poor, starving country' !!

I had given channa (chickpea) for years to the children ... boiled and sauted, to address their 'protien deficiency', as I was advised to by an allopathic doctor. It made no noticable impact. Now when I gave them milk/ashwagandhadhi churnam/ loha bhasmam ... the village is noticing the very very substantial impact. 

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