Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Gods

The village ethos is rooted in god and religion. People know of a dharma that transcends immediate benefits. Dharma gives them a framework of morals.

Gangamma, the mother godess, has 101 sisters. In our own village of 30 families we have temples of Yerpachchamma, Tirupati Gangamma, Sibbalamma, Banthala Gangamma. There is a Vinayaka temple outside each hamlet ... the Vinayaka co-exists in peace with Gangamma, Yerpachchamma, Redima, Banthala Gangamma, Munneshwara, Gurappa … Families in turns daily wash, clean and put muggu (rangoli) and light the lamp.

Existance, entertainment, reunions, dharma are all rooted in religion. Every third or fourth sentence refers to devudu or dharmam.

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