Monday, 12 May 2014

Varalu and the others ...

Varalu and others
Varalu has proved most responsible - and her sheer goodness, and the way she has with children - has made Eashwaramma's grandson Sasi improve his reading skills considerabley. She is able to be firm, without once raiseing her voice or sounding harsh, and Sasi now says he will learn only from her. The small stipend we have arranged for her allows her to get her milk for her children, and has brought a smile on her face When she helps other children like Sasi, she does not allow her own worries interfere. Her husband abandoned her when she was pregnant, and she has to singly bring up her three children. She is herself a child, maybe 20 - and looks younger.

The children are all anaemic, and milk,  paid for by another friend of the village is given to all the children by Varalu daily. An ayurvedic medicine is added, and our most experienced ayurvedic doctor has told us that the difference will be very visible in a month. We hope so ... and then the people may turn to, and benefit from, the immense possibilities of ayurveda.

The beehives so kindly donated have been installed in Varalu's, Eashwaramma's ,Annapurna's and Kala's houses. They are looking after them responsibly, and we hope that though there is drought, the sugar water they are offerring the bees will see them through. There is mango flower, and we hope that god aids them.

Eashwaramma asks if she can also process and sell tamarind ... and I can only mumble ... people want work, and empoyment, and we the well-off are unable to show then ways. I can only hang my head in shame - seeing a peaceful and good community look for work and for ways to survive, and not being able to respond. It needs all our hands and hearts and heads ...

(Another day ...)

The village children are regaining health rapidly - but the people need to get out of poverty, and themselves afford all this on their own power.

Varalu has finally moved out of her brother's house with her three small children ... which is good as being an unwelcome guest there was bad for her and the children ... but now the upkeep of the three children is on her ... She will have to rise to the occasion. She is growing in confidence as she earns a small sum towards her needs. With much care she teaches Sasi and boils and gives milk to all the children, and is paid for this.  Her love, as much as the actual teaching or supplying, has an blossomimg effect on the children. Kala, Munneshwari and others also need to be enables to start earning more in these hard times to assure their children's well being. In the presense of drunk husbands, these frail women keep the home hearths burning.

Annapurna and Varalu have finally procured the tomatoes to make the pickles, which they will bring to Chennai to sell. A small investment is also unnerving for them ... and I had to force a 'loan' on them to overcome the nervousness and start the 'entrepreuner' effort.  

Annapurna is packing her tamarind for the reStore shop. Others also wish to sell outside for a better price - we need to find the markets. Annapurna has finally opened a personal savings for her ... otherwise as she is living with her brother's family since her husband abandoned her she has felt obliged to slave for their expenses.

Sasi, Eashwaramma's grandson, is taller and a kg heavier  since he started the milk and ashwagandhadhi, and under Varalu's tutelage is reading well enough for me not to worry about when he goes into the 6th middle school next year. Eashwaramma, with much pleasure, took the money sent by her kind friend towards the roof of her houe, and has immediately ordered the bricks and cement ... She also much much happiness took the cell phone given my another of her friends - and that will help me be in regular contact ...

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