Monday, 16 June 2014

Asthama of a child

Another case treated at Sanjeevani. The father of the child was infinitely grateful, and on one visit, before the doctor realized it,he was prostrate at her feet thianking her. She jumped away ! It was so funny ... but that was the trauma the parents and child had undergone ...

Tarun S.K. (10 years)

Medical History
From infancy, the child has been suffering from cough and wheezing. At 9 months he was started on Asthalin in Mission Hospital. When he came here, he was on combinations of Cetzil, Asthaphin, Micolite, Mumfer(Iron), Pedium, Ascorin, Phenix, Azithrall, Allerid (anti allergin), Asthalin, Cetexin, Pecef, Romila St, Erythromycin, and on various other antibiotics, bronchodialators and nebulizers. He had been hospitalized many times. When he was 5 years, he was admitted to the Child Trust Hospital for 5 days. According to the father, there they removed phlegm with a tube, but again in 3 months the same situation recurred, and he had to be readmitted. Next he was admitted in Apollo for 5 days. Through much overdrugging, the child has developed a very timid personality.

They came here after the father read Dr. Girija's Tamil book on Ayurveda in a bookstall. The family is from a very average background.

The child was brought in May 2008, when the parents saw him starting a cough that would usually lead to a hospitalization. He was prescribed Dadimadi gritham, Vidaryadi Gritham. He got well, and after 2 weeks he was given Dhatri Lohan, Dadimadi Gritham to address his general weakness and the anemia brought on by overdrugging. The general state of health of the child improved tremendously.

According to the father, regular monthly expense used to be about 5000/- as he was falling ill every week or alternate week. The hospitalization costs added on. Each hospitalization would cost 10,000/-, and five days at Apollo (2007) cost 18,000/-.
The cumulative costs over years the feel would have run into lakhs. Here, the costs have been a fraction, and the patient’s general health has improved tremendously.

The entire family has been completely on ayurveda since this time.

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