Tuesday, 17 June 2014

... after the cataract operation (3)

What answer can we give to poverty ?

Three weeks after the operation Eashwaramma's eye continues to pain. She says when she takes rest it is OK, but when she goes bending and working, it pains. I told her that after the surgery she needs rest for a month. She asks me who will graze the cow. Her granddaughter Kavya, gave up her her vacation and did all the chores through her whole summer vacation. Now that school has started, Eashwaramma will not detain her at home to graze the cow.

The grandson Sasi is having a urinary problem. She called me up asking me what to give. I gave her Girija's number and she spoke to her directly - it is likely to be stones. The basic medicine is goksura (Tribulus teresstris), but even that is not there is these rains. Others medicines are not available locally and I have to send from here. How ?? No courier goes to the village.  

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