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Gandhi and communisim

" Bolshevisim is the necessary result of modern materialistic civilization. Its insensate worship of matter has given rise to a school which has been brought up to look upon material advancement as the goal and which has lost all touch with the final things of life." - Gandhi

"What does Communisim mean in the fianl analysis. It means a classless society - an ideal that is worth striving for. Only I part company with it when force is called to aid acheiving it ... the idea of inequality, of high and low, is an evil but i do not beleive in the idea of eradicating evil from the hman breast at the point of the bayonet" - Gandhi

Rahul Banerjee neither violent nor nonviolent methods have been able to establish classless societies in the face of the organised violence of the capitalist state!!
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy Aparna Krishnan Do you imply that the goals of communism are noble although the methods are violent ? Communism is a atheist philosophy where the eradication of religious beliefs by hook or crook is a stated goal. This is proven by the way communists governments is Afghanistan, China and USSR etc tried to subvert and even violently repress local religious and spiritual beliefs. Ever wondered why Brinda Karat spreads false rumors about human and animals bones in Ramdev's ayurvedic medicines ? 

 In communism the government appropriates power and wealth whereas in crony capitalism it is the corporates. In communist countries a farmer is not the owner of his land. Communism is against the basic human instinct and law of nature where rewards and wages are not commensurate to the effort and intellect involved in a denizen's profession. 

George Orwell's book - 'The Animal Farm' clearly explains the deceit involved in communist philosophy and why it is a failed model. East Germany and West Germany before unification is the best example to make a distinction between a Socialist welfare state with a focus on Industry and enterprise and a failed Orwellian communist state. Communism is responsible for the maximum number of fatalities in the 20th century with some estimates pointing to a number as large of 100 million through the Gulags of USSR, Mao's cultural revolution in China, Pol Pot's Killing grounds in Cambodia among others. Do you know that the father of Communism and father of Capitalism were relatives ? In truth capitalism and communism are two faces of the same coin.
Kannan Thandapani Rough translation:

'பகுத்தாய்ந்துபார்த்தால், இறுதியில் கம்யூனிசம் என்றால் என்னதான் பொருள்? அது வகுப்புகளற்ற சமுதாயத்தைக் குறிக்கிறது...அடையத் தகுதியான ஒரு லட்சியம். அதனோடு நான் முரண்படுவது, அதை அடைவதற்குத் துணையாக வன்முறைக்கான அழைப்பு விடுக்கிறது என்

Aparna Krishnan Naveen,  all I would wish for is a way to
1. Restore and strengthen a commmunity’s identity and self confidence in its own history, tradition and wisdom
2. Give the community the strength to stand by fundamental principles of generosity and integrity and goodness – wherever these precepts be learnt from.
3. Justice where each and every person has his basic needs to food, clothing, shelter, meaningful work, leisure, a community to live with and for … be addressed.
And in this order.

Different civiliations may have inherited different systems. My only contention is that in India largely, and especially in many Indian villages, a true and simple and all encompassing religiousness seems the foundation of life. I have seen a ethics called dharmam, supported by quotations from the mahabharatha in this illiterate, landless and poor and wise village, that gives them the strength to practice infinite generosity with very limited means.

Having seen this dharmam and religiousness pervade their day to day life, I think that a system sans religiousness may not be viable for this country and this civilization. And here I distance myself from any perversion of religion that shows itself in any virulent form in word or deed, Or in a religion practice that is not based in sacrifice. 

My village people say that dharmam means to feed every hungry person, to keep the door open while eating so that one can see a hungry soul pass by and call him in, that rains fail when people stop practicing dharamam, and what can even god do. They practice these tenets simply and un selfconcsiously. This is a village of people having nothing except their labour to sell, and who belong to the case called untouchables. This to me in religion – and only this.
Aparna Krishnan Yes, capitalism and communism are not very different, in being centralized, and modern-industrial structures. That itself decides many many things. But then neither is the Right government very different. Only Gandhi's gram swarajya came up with a different possibility and world view.
Naveen Manikandan Periasamy Aparna Krishnan I applaud you for taking a step in the right direction by choosing to help your village by reinforcing their inherent sense of Dharma. Communism was proposed to be the solution to liberate the people in underdeveloped belts of India and all that this resulted in was the fruitless and violent Naxal/Maoist movements and Christian conversions.
Aparna Krishnan Naveen, I am no one to enforce or reinforce ! People live their lives by their choice and on their inherent strengths. We have simply made very close friendships there over years of living as neighbours, friends and teacher, and have had a chance to observe from very close. And here I say what I see.  But yes, I stand by my observation that a true and deep religiousness, based on sacrifice and shareing, and on non violence, is deep rooted in Indian villages  , and that needs to be factored into any viable engagement.

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