Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Haemophilia - cured in Ayurveda

Shri SaravanaVel, aged 11 months – father Balamurugan (auto driver, Salem)

Medical History
From the age of 4 months, the child started getting black bruiselike marks on his body which would disappear after 10 days. By 8 months, it increased. The parents took him to Vijaya Kumar Hospital at ‘Junction’ Salem, where they did some blood tests. Then the took him to Dr. Srinivasan’s Kurinji Hospital. Here they pricked a black bruise with a needle, and there was sudden swelling, and for 3 days the child cried continuously, had to be managed with ice, and even had fits. His life was in danger. Then they referred him to CMC, Vellore. There they discharged him, saying it was a case of haemophilia. The father was referred here by the mother of a child he used to take to school by auto. That child had been treated at Sanjeevani, Dr. PLT Girija.

8th August 2009, the patient came and was prescribed Rajanyadi, Lakshadi, MahaTikta Gritham. This is being treated as a case of rakta pittam. Three weeks later, they came again to say that the intensity of the bruises, and the frequency of occurance had come down by 60%. Where there were earlier 10 bruises, there were now 4, which would also dissolve earlier. Rajanyadi Churnam,  Laksha Churnam, Mahatikta gritham, Kashayam of Athi, Aala, Arasu and Arjuna twak (w/ honey),  butter from milk were prescribed.

23rd September 2009, there was a call from Salem saying that the child's gums had got cut, and the bleeding would not stop. They were told to add Imbural Lehyam, Pravala Bhasma, Laksha+honey (for external application also), and wait for 48 hours. They called to say that bleeding was controlled, but as the child would chew, some bleeding would restart. For a day there was no bleeding . Aadathoda was added on. But the next day, 27th Sept bleeding restarted. Family wanted to come immediately. They were asked to procure Lohasavam+Kumaryasavam. As it was a Sunday they could not get the medicines.

28th Sept the family came early morning, and the child’s gums were bleeding continuously.  The child was refusing the laja preparation after reaching here. But the mother was hopeful as the bruise marks on the body had subsided considerably over the month. And she said the blood which was flowing like water earlier was now thicker.

The child was admitted in the vaidyasala on 28th September. Principal medicines administered were Vasa swarasam+madhu+sarkara, Abhaya + honey, Vasa Gritham+Annabhedi, Kamaduga.  Food – Laja+madhu+honey. In three days he was well, and was discharged on the 5th day.

Nov mid when the child came it was looking very healthy and glowing. Earlier the child used to look pale. They were a  couple of the ‘bruise marks’ on him – but markedly lighter. He was prescribed Imbural Leyam, Vasa Gritham, Rajanyadi, Kumaryasavam, Lakshadi Churnam.

Dec mid the child came, and was well. Once a month he gets blue discolouration under his knees – and nowhere else. He bit his lip once, and bleeding stopped in 30 seconds – parents applied laksha churnam. A few days ago he had had fever with fits, and had been managed with ayurvedic medicines they got prescribed over the phone from the doctor. Now he was given Imbural Leyam, Vasa Gritham, Rajanyadi, Kumaryasavam, MahaPanchagavyam

Feb mid they came again. He had cut his lip once, and bleeding stopped immediately (parents applied laksha churnam). No black bruises anywhere on body. Maintainance medicines of Imbural Leyam, Vasa Gritham, Rajanyadi, Kumaryasavam, Bala tailam were continued.  

The family is very poor (father drives an auto) and were wondering whether they could save train charges by finding a local doctor. But as the child was responding they continued to come each month. The child has been responding very well to the treatment.

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