Friday, 13 June 2014

I had a tumour

Years ago I had a tumour. Our allopath friend did not like it. He said it
1. was tethered to the skin
2. grew too rapidly
3. was painless
4 was not warm.

All clinically bad signs. He wanted a biopsy.

I came to Chennai to our ayurvedic doctor from the village, and she started me on medicines. I asked her if she wanted me to take a biopsy, and that I would if she wanted me to only. She said for her diagnosis and treatment it was not required ...

The tumour rapidly decreased with the medication, and a small residual bit dissolved over time.

Much later she told me that she was also worried, and intended doing her best. Otherwise she said that in ayurveda also a growth, if it did not respond to medicines was as per texts to be removed surgically and cauteried by fire ...

I am not saying that this was malignant (we do not know), nor that all tumours are curable in ayirveda - just that there is potential in ayurveda that we all need to be aware of.

It is the inheritence of all mankind, and especially of us Indians. 

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