Saturday, 28 June 2014

Kavya calls up

Kavya, Eashwaramma's granddaughter, called me up and accusingly, "Where have you been Madam ? I call you up daily - morning before and go to school, and evening after I return. I call up the landline and the cell. Where are you ? You haven't called for so many days."

I told her, "Silly kid, I have been speaking to Avva (grandmother) daily. Even yesterday I spoke to her. Why, what do you want ?"

"Oh, madam, I dont know. Nothing, I just wanted to speak with you." Such gladness one feels when one feels wanted this way ... simply.

Endearing children, who can simply scatter happiness around. Yes, orphaned, undernourished, care of an poor and malnourished grandmother, father murdered by mother because her affair was discovered, now the mother trying to re-establish contact. But ... care of a wise and good grandmother who has brought them up to scatter joy. Sasi, her brother offers me the only guava on his only tree, and insists I eat it. Kavya, uncaring about the expense, calls me up. Both children give away what is at home to whovever asks - a tomato, the last pod of garlic, the last glass of rice. Satyabhama, the cell phone you gave them has brought them - and me - much joy.

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