Friday, 13 June 2014

Kumarappa and Go Raksha

Then, and now.

Kumarappa (in 1960s ?) , " Power driven machines have gradually entered into many fields of activity in the villages as water lifting, tractor tilling, conveyance, etc. Earlier chunam grinding was done with bullocks, and cement has completely eliminated this. Bullocks used to be used for transport. Present day villagers have very little use for bullocks. No wonder thay are increasingly finding their way to slaughter houses.Only our industrilization, and inexorable love for power driven machinery is reponsible for this.

One senior worker took up an agricultural farm, including diarying. In a few years he was beset with a large number of male calves. The fate of the beautiful calves was as expected.

The sin is squarely on our head. We cannot clam to be for modern development and at the same time claim love for cows. What would be the earthly use of go-sevaks going on hunger strike before slauhter houses demanding ban on cow slaughter ? In case the law comes to ther aid and banned cow slaughter, then clandetine killing would pose a more serious problem and a health hazard.

Problems are interconnected and cannot be delinked with one stroke dealt at random."

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