Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kumarappa on International Peace

"If the way of Dharma leads to peace then any act that is Adharma will lead to violence. These global conflicts are not isolated incidents. They are the culmination of innumerable small acts performed by people evern innocently. Though the responsibility for wars may be immediately placed on some leaders. yet the real caues can be traced to our daily acts. For instance city people buy milk without asking if the calf has been fed or the children of the milkman have had their quota. When the milk we buy is not surplus but has been squeezed out of the mouths of calves and children with prior claims, our acts are Adharmic and we create violence which when accumulated breaks out into world catastrophies.

Hence we see the real rememdy lies in the consumer being closely associated with the producer and the distributor.This means decentralization of production and a move towards self sufficiency. This has been Gandhiji's suggestion for banishing the cause of war.

On the production side the goods are turned out on a mass scale with standardized methods with standardized methods with raw materials secured from the end of the earth from underdeveloped people. All this is Adharmic. Similarly distribution has no natural urge but is stimulated by all manner of artificial multiplicity of wants. This again is Adharmic.

... As long as the capitalistic and imperialistic interests persist and production follows centralized and standardized methods, wars will form an integral part of human life."

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