Monday, 16 June 2014


The village goddesses are Gangamma, and her 101 sisters like Yerpachchamma, Irugulaadamma, ...

Lakshmamma says, “Gangamma is greater than even the sun god as she is Ganga, water itself ”.

Annasamy also says that Gangamma is the greatest of gods, as water is the source of all. All are born of Gangamma as all are born in water and if the water were to disappear, there would be no life. In creation, right in the beginning,  Gangamma was born. When she attained age, she desired male company. She created Vishnu, but he addressed her as mother, and she reduced him to a pile of ash. Then she created Brahma, but the same situation was replayed. Then she created Shiva, and when he appeared she told him that she desired to marry him. He said he was willing, but then he already had a consort Parvatiamma.  But Gangamma insisted he accept her, and he agreed and put her in his locks. Various stories interweave in a tapestry. The Mahabharatam story of Gangamma marrying Shantanu, and  throwing their new born into the river eight times is also part of the lore.  

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