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Local herbs advised by the ayurvedic doctor ... and now part of local folklore

Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) - common through rural India, is a  medicine par excellence for all fevers. The decoction of the stem of  this creeper is taken.  Eashwaramma started useing it after we told her, and now swears by it, and says that it works for Sasi, her grandson, when all other medicine fail. Her words convince the others in the village.

Bhunimba (Swerita chirata) leaf decoction is also a basic fever medicine.

Goksura (Tribulus terrestris) and pashanabheda (Aerva lanata) decoctions have worked very well for urinary problems and urinary stone. The problems of painful and burning urination get addressed and stones also get expelled.

Bilvam (Aegle marmelos) used as ' baala vilvam, gudam, tailam,
pippaleem, vishvabhesajam', 'tender bilvam, jaggery, til oil, pippali,
dried ginger’ (from the 'Ashtanga Hrudaya' ayurvedic text) has
been very effective for dysentery.

Goat’s milk cured many dysentery conditions

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) root decoction is used to treat bleeding piles, white discharge and anaemia. It was valued in older   times   and has     again      entered local      folklore,  after Eashwaramma  recommended it to Nagarajakka, whose white discharge got addressed by it.

Eye problems were sorted out with application of breast milk and castor oil. This was done when the eye was poked by a stick and there was a red spot in the eye as a result. and also for red, burning eyes. Drumstick leaf juice is also instilled in the eyes similarly. 

Vaasa (Aadathoda vasica) leaf decoction is useful for treating
coughs and cold and  wheezing. Drops of this instilled in the nose
control nasal bleeding also.

Musta (Cynodon dactylon) was very useful for processing cow’s
milk for a child who did not have access to breast milk. Cow's milk
was boiled with some water and these crushed roots.

For various aches vaata reducing   leaves like kaanuga (Pongamia pinnata), tamarind, oomaththa, castor, gilledu (Calatropis gigantica) and drumstick have been used as a poultice or for fomentation by using the water in which they have been boiled. 

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