Saturday, 28 June 2014

Severe headaches (1)

Smt G, aged 37

Medical History For the past one year, patient has been suffering from very
severe headaches. These would come on suddenly any time, even in the middle of the night. Initially she managed with painkiller injections. ENT specialists were not able to diagnose the problem. According to the patient, a neurosurgeon at Apollo did a scan which revealed “fluid accumulation” in the head. The medicines given were ineffective and fluid removal every two months was suggested. The other option she was given was to have a stent put from the head to the bladder so that the fluid would drain. But she was also told that this process could cause infection, and that she may need to be on antibiotics for life. Her father’s brother used to have similar headaches, and he had undergone an operation to remove a brain clot.


At the outset the patient’s food habits were corrected. Her daily intake of curd was restricted.The patient was given Dasamoola Katutrayadi Kashayam, Sudarshanam,
Shaddharanam, followed by Guggulu Tikta Gritham. She then underwent vamanam, a panchakarma treatment involving induced vomiting. Then the patient was prescribed Dasamoola Katutrayadi Kashayam, Sudarsanam, Nochi Tailam and Anu Tailam. All this treatment was all completed within 16 days. After another 10 days, all medicines were stopped, and a daily routine of Anu Tailam nasal drops and external application of Dhanvantara Tailam was prescribed.


Problem completely addressed in 2 months, and patient off all ayurvedic medications also. The one year when she was looking for allopathic options cost her 1 lakh. The scan itself cost twenty five thousand rupees.

Then there were the specialist consultations and medicine bills. The ayurvedic treatment cost her less than five thousand rupees. Patient has been completely well, and off all medicines within 2 months of treatment.

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