Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The native Americans got wiped out - but ...

The native Americans did get wiped out.

But when i was wondering aloud how such a culture with such superior values could succumb to the brute force of such an inferior culture of the white man , a native American friend of long ago told me, 'But in a sense they did not get wiped out ... after centuries the ideas are moving from me, of this land, to you of that land...'. And maybe he was right. Maybe it is these ideas that, when the time is right, will blow into the hearts of people.

The same story. The native Americans there, the people of my village here. Their sense of Unity of all life, the sense of Dharma here. The brute white man there, the brute educated Indian here ...

But goodness stays in its own form ... sometimes manifest, sometimes unmanifest ?

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