Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The need for religion ... for people working with society

I - "Actually. from near complete irreligiosity, I have imbibed a little of ny village people's sensibilities i think. They see a divinity in everything, in a very unstated manner."

RB - "You can see divinity without being religious!!"

I -" This is like the elite 'spirituality vs. religiousness'. i think the ordinary indian - who is all that really matters - is fundamentally and deeply religious. They have a living faith in a god."

RB - "There is no harm in being religious. But there is no harm in being non-religious also!!"

I- "it is permitted - as the village people permit me ! if I have not that fath, at least years have taught me to deeply respect them that have that faith."

RB - "respect as you say is the key word. respect each other and debate with an open mind. if you do not have an open mind then you will be an addict of some opium or other - religion or marxism!!!"

I - "my people have the most open mind, while being deeply religious. my' marx friend' came and during vinayaka chaturthi started telling the people how gods should be beaten with slippers. they just smiled at him politely.
true religion gives great catholocity ... in a very natural manner.
But that dharmam they beleive in gives a community and a society a framework of goodness and ability to be deeply generous. I think that dharmam has aspects deeper than we the irreligious can perceive. them who have called it 'opium' of the masses - have only disdain and worse for the 'masses' ... who i have learnt to deeply respect."

RB - "One can appreciate religiosity even if one is irrelgious. why do you draw a big black line between the two?"

- "The line is because because that is the differance between 'being indian' and 'appreciating the indian'.

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