Sunday, 8 June 2014

The overrating of schooling

Parents are so proud when their children are very 'intelligent', 'creative' ... To me all those seem small points. Nice in a way, but thats all. Nice in the way its nice to get into IIT, or to get a Nobel prize, but actually no big deal.

Average intelligence is plenty - what matters most of all is goodness, compassion, sensitivity, integrity ... If a child has the ability to give away a dearly loved possession, that child might even becomes like Eashwaramma who can give a glass of rice away when there are just two glasses of rice left at home.

That child (and that parent) have made the mark ... in comparison, other 'acheivements' are irrelevent..

Fundamentally we have overvalued 'college degrees' foolishly, arrogantly and criminally. The engineer feels that he is superior and even better equipped to lead India with its myriad diversities than a farmer ! Why ?? A farmer understands the situation of 60% Indians.

One has a skill of solving equations. The other of knowing planting times and harvesting patterns. I would consider the latter more relevent in our country. I agree that a functional and fluent literacy is important.

And the 'educated' Indian goes around trying to make the potter and weaver more 'schooled'. The weaver and farmer in their goodness and humility do not go about making the farming-illiterates (us !) go to farming schools (with a RTE). We feel they are inferior, and they also feel they are inferior.

This is a tragedy of monstrous proportions.

I have seen such clarity and wisdom and understanding in the poorer and less educated communities, that I feel that being less 'schooled', 'colleged' is actually better.
The intution functions better, and one's sense of the masses is sharper - as one stays part of them. Excess education of the present day kind bestows a sense of superiority, and alienates ...

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