Wednesday, 25 June 2014

True secularism is true religiousness

Only the truly religious, can respect all religions and revere them.  Jyothi from the village, says of Christ, "He is also a good God". Annasamy Anna says, "There are as many routes to God, as there are paths to a village."  

Those supercilious of religion, the Nehruvian secularists, cannot respond to the deviations in religion like  Hindutva, because they do not even know religion. And also these secularists are among the most intolerant groups. Usually their religion is modern science. Science is the most intolerant religion – as what cannot be proved in its terms, it claims does not exist. In this arrogance and the stupidity it dismisses the religious as superstitious fools 

The modern, scientific person, supercilious of religion, does not respect any religion, including his own - he only has disdain for all religions. He looks down on the religious in a subtle way as the 'superstitious'. The sad part is that that means looking down on the people of our villages - and that is a monstority ...

Shiv, "… Contrast this with the manifesto of the scientific temper which sees religion as superstitious and contaminating. Science is almost seen like a vaccine which one injects into a people to grant them immunity against superstition. There is an illiteracy to science here. It never understood the creativity of the scientist, Jagadish Chandra Bose, who borrowed ideas from the Shakta tradition or Ramanujan, who claimed that the Goddess of Namakkal came to him in a dream and rolled out her tongue and on it was written a theorem. "

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