Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vinoba starts asking ...

"On April 18, 19521, in Pochampalli in Telengana, the Harijans asked for land and were given one hundred acres. That night I could not sleep for three to four hours, What was this that had happenned  ? I beleive in God. I also believe in arithmetic. I began calculating - if one were to ask for land for all the landless of India, it would take fifty million acres to satisfy their needs ? Could so much land be had for the asking ? Then I had a direct talk with God, just as one might have face to face with another human being.

'If you hesitate', He said, 'if you fear this task, you must give up your faith in non-violence and stop claiming to be non violent. Have faith - ask, and ask again.' He said one thing more, 'He who put hunger in the child's stomach, also put milk into's the mother's breasts. He does not leave His work half done."

This set all my doubts at rest; the very next day I began asking for land."

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