Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ayurveda ... Ashwagandhadhi, Rajanyadi ... and the children blossom !

The village children have blossomed with ashwagandhadhi and milk ever since their anaemia has been addresed with the loha bhasmam also given initially. Varalu says the mothers come to her in curiosity to ask what she adds to the milk to make such a differance in their children's health and appetite. When I went to Paalaguttapalle to look up Rediappa, the Madiga boy who's family is poorer than poor, and who has been sufferring from strange hallucinations, his neighbour came running down to talk to me. She has seen the Dalitwada children flourish, and had asked what was given to them. She took a little of the churnam from them, and said that her daughter who never used to eat was now noticably better. She wanted to buy more of that. If the children in other villages start having  some milk with ashwagandhadhi it will make such a differance to their health.

Varalu also gives Rajanyadi churnam with honey and ghee to the village children. That is the medicine of choice for all small children. It addresses anaemia, colds, fevers, diarrhoea - and in geeral builds up health and resistance. Varalu's firmness and clarity when she speaks of this medicine to other mothers was striking. Her children used to be perpetually ill, and their health expenses were becoming very high. She tells the mothers that since she started them on this, three months ago, they have not fallen ill even once. And the stray illness they get, she addresses with just another dose of Rajanyadi. She speaks with the quiet firmness of conviction gained through experiance, and everyone listens. This time every morning I went around the village rounding up the children and leading them to Varalu's house. Now the defaulters have also got into the habit, and all the children should flourish. Ayurvedic medicines is the birthright of all our children.

The older girls going to high school also take a glass of milk with the medicine on their way to school. Oh, how they love it, and how noticably better they are.

Varalu is more inspired now, and sat through with the medicines at home and made a detailed inventory. Konepalle Avva came to her for medicines for her continuing cough, and has improved. I have told Varalu that is she treats the fevers and coughs and diarrhoes in the village to start with, we can give her a small stipend as a health worker.

It is not difficult to protect villages from the growing ravages of allopathy and its commercialization, and restore ayurveda -which matches closely with their own health systems.

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