Thursday, 10 July 2014

Eashwaramma's days

(May 11 - 2014)
Eashwaramma has gone for coolie work today - with some rains, there seems to be some labour needs. Nobody in the village will miss a chance to go for work and earn. Kavya has gone grazeing the cow, and Sasi seems to be monkeying around ... as he took the phone, and also called me back.

Her leg pains will worsen. I asked her yesterday why she had gone walking to a place 6km away for work the day b
efore and she cheerfully told me, "There is need for money, isn't it ?". I asked why, and she said for the 'seetu' (SHG - the women's savings groups payment due the next day.). For people living on the brink - with so assets or savings to fall back on, life's like that. And there is only this much we can do for a specific family within a community ... witholut disreupting community equations.

There is a cycle where poverty can feed into poverty ... and it need a firm handhold to help them step out of that. A very firm, very committed and very well thoughtout of grip.

.... Eashwaramma ran out of rice. A mendicant came, and Eashwaramma gave her a glass out of the last two glasses. The lady asked if she could give her some groundnuts, and Eashwaramma threw up her hands and asked her wherefrom she would get groundnuts. The lady pointed to the heap pf groundnut leaf stacked before her house. Eashwaramma explained to her that she had bought it for money (yet to be paid) for her cow as there was no grass in this drought. (It was while carrying this load, that she came down with a severe fever two months ago, the after effects of which are still with her.).
It is halfday school in summer, and the children return from school by one. The middle school is four kilometers away and the children come back in the hot sun from Kothapeta. Kavya, Eashwaramma's granddaughter had a second hand cycle, but it cannot take repairs anymore. To change the cycle tyres and overhaul it will cost 1000-2000, and so she walks back slowly in the afternoon heat.

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