Friday, 8 August 2014

Delivery (1)

Delivery (1) - Paalaguttapalle, Dalitwada

Eashwaramma says that in today’s pregnancies, the mothers are given a fat book at the hospital and they have to go monthly to the local hospital. She says that many needles are stuck into them, and the mothers are often left with lasting pains as a result of improper interventions and improper post delivery care. “Nowadays BP is measured, monthly injecti...ons are given. Women are told to eat eggs, milk, green leafy vegetables, fruits and everything else. They are advised to not work but to and to just sit and eat. Then they are also finally told they have no blood.”

Local Pregnancy Care:
Decoction of coriander with palm jaggery or sugar (taati bellam or taati kalkandu) is given through pregnancy. The palm jaggery or sugar also cleanses they say. From the fifth and sixth month onwards, the mother is given decoction of cumin, coriander seeds, drumstick leaf stems added with palm sugar. These decoctions they say help delivery and also keep the foetus clean. If the mother has items like groundnuts the foetus will develop a sticky layer on it. In the seventh month, and then twice in ninth month (sometimes also in eighth month ), sinkesari (Delonix elata) rasam is given to the mother. To prepare this the leaves are boiled and the juice squeezed out. Ground cumin and pepper corns are fried in castor oil, and this juice and some tamarind juice is added and it is removed from fire after it comes to a boil. Sometimes just plain castor oil in water is taken instead of the sinkesari rasam. It is said, ‘If roses are eaten, the child will be fair’. Ginger tea is also supposed to be good for the pregnant mother.

The mothers work in the field to the end, and also as they are young, the village deliveries used to be a smooth process addressed by the village mantrasayani. he post pregnancy protocols reinstataed health.

Now all young mothers and fathers are schooled. They go to a hospital for delivary.

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