Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Simple ayurvedic drugs for the villages.

Simple ayurvedic medicines in villages have restored health to children.
(These are standard text based medicines, and are commonly available, and are largely inexpensive. Kottakal is a good manufacterer.)
Varalu told me that her child's wound was bleeding heavily and that on application of this the bleeding immediately stopped. Now she gives it to the others in the village, and has stopped her hankering for 'ointments'. Triphala is so inexpensive, and so potent in its effects. I again explained to her again on how to use it  for  eye problems like conjunctivitis, throat pains and mouth boils ... 
Mouth ulcers - It needs to be applied on, and a little taken in with honey is also good.
Eye concerns - In case of a conjunctivitis epidemic/ beginning conjunctivitis/ a hurt to the eye etc. repeated washing with Triphala decoction cooled to room temperature is advised.
Throat pains - In case of a sore throat , gargling with Triphala decoction is extremely effective.
For coughs, colds Taalisaadi with honey, taken thrice a day on a empty stomach gives an immediate relief. When the child has had a very drying diet or when the cough itself is dry, addition of ghee also helps. It is best had with two to four tablets of Sudarshan as well.
Daadimashtaka churnam
For dysentery, and diarrhoea, a spoon of this powder with honey is very effective. It is had thrice a day on an empty stomach.
It is extremely effective for fevers, coughs, colds and body pains. Eashwaramma says that when no allopathic medicine works for Sasi's fevers, this works. When the chikunguniya epidemic was sweeping our doctor told us to give the people this regularly, along with a decoction of Tinospora cordifolia., which creeper grows wild everywhere.
For fevers and feverishness, two to four tablets on a empty stomach, thrice a day, address the fever. If there is also a cold, Taalisaadi can also be given.
Rajanyadi churnam
Had daily with honey and ghee on an empty stomach, it builds up health of children from infancy to the age of six and seven. For infants upto a year, this is 'sarva roga nivaarini'. and is sufficient medicine for coughs, cold, fever, constipation, diarrhoea and anaemia. Varalu's children were sickly and undernourished and she swears that in the three months she has been using this they have not fallen ill even once, and that they have started glowing with health. She now administers it to all the village children. Instead of plain ghee. if Dadimadi grutham is used it makes it most effective.
Ashwagandhadhi churnam
A spoonful with milk restores health to children. The village children are glowing with health with this. The neighbouring villages also ask for this now !
(Along with all this we need to remember that most village children are anaemic. Loha bhasman has in minute prescribed auantities for a limited time has helped very significantly. If people wish to intervene, we can calculate the correct dosage.
Also that some milk and ghee makes them thrive, as they are that dried up due to poor nourishment, usually.)

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