Thursday, 23 October 2014

Conversation of student with Coca Cola

A young friend reported, 

"Just had an interesting 'conversation' which i wanted to share with u. We had our conclave today and one of the speakers was from Coca-Cola.
 First - he was telling about how "sustainability" was at the heart of the company's business(LOL situation 1)
 Second - he was telling that for every litre water it sucks out of the ground water.. it gives back 1.3 litres back to the community(LOL situation 2)... and he went on praising the CSR activities the comapny has taken.
 During the Q&A round I asked him about the proposed 1000cr bottling plant they were setting in Telangana, which I said is a dry region and highest in farmer suicide rate after Vidharba...
 He answered, " You have communication classes in your academics isn't it ? Never believe in everything the newspaper says. It was a statement given by govt of Telengana, not the company.".
LoL. "
I then asked him if I could post this, and he said, "Sure - without the name".  I asked him, " Why ? Coca Cola wont give you a job ?"
He answered, "My institute wont let me sit for placements ! And I would have never asked the question to that guy if I had the job thing in my mind "
There's sense out there in the young people I thought. Then I asked him if his classmates saw the incogruousness, and he said that he was also pleasantly pleased to see that they did. But he said all this awareness would evaporate when they saw the pay cheque offered !!
This same young friend has been asking after the economics of getting paper bags made by slum women in his city  saying that the costing was not working out. The costing works out  if the axioms are a fair livelihood for everyone, and a fair wage. What does not work out is modern economics based on unsustainability.
Even this level of awareness in the class, about the corporate guy's bluffing could be because because of the initiative of one or two among them, these young people have been through their college years engageing with the nearby slums etc ... it is only on the ground, amidst the poor, that truth and god are found. 

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