Friday, 7 November 2014

Current Discussions - on sex education, legalizing prostitution

I have a daughter. I have many other girl children in my village I love and break my heart over. And every thing I say, I say with those faces before me.

When they say prostitution is just another 'profession', my heart somersaults. Would i apply it to these children ? When public discussions of homosexuality are the headlines I know that i do not think that the 10 year olds need this now at all. In desperation, as a parent, i would also say OK to 'sex education' in middle school, because sexuality has been made so pervasive and available, that were the children to indulge, I would not want them to become pregnant. But even as i say this, my heart rebels. why is it that in society we are even having to think of teenage pregnancies.

The rot is deeper, a foundation of values is not given. Values of generosity, sacrifice, selflessness, and yes, also 'indriya nigraham', 'shama', 'dama', ancient and said-to-be-outdated concepts of self control. control of the senses, control of the mind - mentioned again and again in the Bhagavad Geeta and elsewhere, becuase only the person capable of control, can rise to sacrifice selfish interest for a greater societal good.

Each of us will break these eternal rules, as we are human, but to pass on these values from generation to generation is critical. I see these concept passed on in villages - and as my village is illiterate, it is not from the scriptures that these are drawn but from the Mahabharatha and stories and dramas.
How do we want our children to grow ? With what values of generosity and sacrifice ? How are these to be transmitted - what exists in our own foundation for us to draw on ... these are what need to be searched and understood. other questions get answered. Sometimes the questions turn out to be irrelevant. sometimes the questions transform into different questions. sometimes unexpected answers arise.
'... fundamental things apply, as times go by ...'

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