Monday, 3 November 2014

Eashwaramma's Dharmam is Samanya Dharmam

Learnings from a friend.  

" Samanya Dharma Bodham or Basis sense of Dharma is there in every human, by default. Nobody needs to teach him / her the same. Most of the modern and exciting philosophies are just defence mechanisms aimed at making one feel less guilty of one's immoral and unethical activities. But, the funny part is that, such comfort given by them is mostly hollow and temporary. Once that temporary period of comfort is over, the sense of guilt comes back with interest to ultimately result a frustrated life.

Samanya Dharma is universal and in the form of conscience, it exists in each individual. Nobody has to teach it what is right and what is wrong. So, once one's act becomes contradictory to this basic sense of right/wrong; conflicts start to appear in one's mind.

Yes; all those fancy and exciting philosophies may help one in managing those conflicts. But, ultimately it is a fight those fancy and exciting philosophies are going to lose. They cant fight with the basic sense of right and wrong and secure a permanent win.

It is a simple fact of life.This is the essence of Easwaramma saying Dharmic people get Mana Shanthi

Dharma is divided into to; Samanya Dharma abd Visesha Dharma.

Like how I said Samanya Dharma is universal, Visesha Dharma is not. It is dependant upon time, place, people, specific culture etc. Matters like these fall under Visesha Dharma. Hence trying to apply western morals and logic upon the Indian society is distortion."

 "This fascination with reading is western. As per the ancient Indian tradition, it is not valued as much
Imagine you have written a great book on charity; I may understand a lot by reading it, but, the knowledge I will be getting by having a direct and deep converstaion about the same from you will always be many times more and clear than the understanding I will be having by reading it.
This method of learning directly from a Guru's presence is highly valued and without any substitutes as per our tradition. That is my way too as I've been extremely lucky to have access to some really knowledgeable people.

Let me tell you a real incident that happened. A teenage girl to Swami Chinmayananda, "Whatever you teach are there in the texts. Then, why I need a guru?" Swamiji replies, "Why dont you ask this question to the texts?". Absolutely no substitute for a living guru."

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