Monday, 3 November 2014

Gandhi and Ramana Maharishi

(Gandhi and Ramana Maharishi - I've often wondered about the engagement of the seers with Gandhiji. )

"On the night of January 30th, the news of Mahatma Gandhi's death became known everywhere. I heard the news at home only, because women cannot be in the Ashram in the nights.

I went at 7-30 next morning. A prayer was being broadcast over the radio. The news of the death was in the newspapers, and Bhagavan reading it and hearing the prayer,said, - This is the prayer of people... who prayed like that throughout his life. The song Vaishnava Janato was broadcast over the radio and Bhagavan listened to it sadly.

At 9-45, Bhagavan was about to go out when a newspaper reporter came and requested him to give his views on the tragedy so that they might be published. Bhagavan, his voice choked with emotion, said, "For the Mahatma's death in this tragic manner, every person's heart is mourning. What is there in particular that I could say? Who is there who is not grieved? If I say anything, you will publish it and then, one after another, people will come and ask me. What is the good of it?" So saying, Bhagavan sent the reporter away and went for his walk. On his return, "Vaishnava Janato" was again being broadcast and tears fell from Bhagavan's eyes.

At 4-30 that afternoon, all the ladies began to sing "Raghupati Raghava Rajaram".With tears in his eyes Bhagavan signed to us to continue. At 5 o' clock the conch shell blew and in view of the Mahatma's death a special arati (waving of lights) was offered in the Mother's temple. When the sacred ash and vermilion powder were brought,Bhagavan took them with great reverence."

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