Thursday, 13 August 2015

The heart of india, and Babri masjid, and the value of the word.

In an earlier conversation with my doctor, I was telling her how the village people simply ignored the abuses our leftist friend heaped on Vinayaka Swami on Vinayaka Chaturthi, and how they simply continued treating him as a guest to the village. They see their gods as vast, and do not seem to feel the need to react to each provocative statement about their gods. I told her that pulling down a mosque for come ancient wrongs was not the temperament of the ordinary Indian. She wondered - that if people were that deeply devoted to their gods as i said, what their own deeper feelings on this might me.

I asked Annasamy Anna and Chinapaapakka this time. I needed to describe the incident as they were quite unaware of the Babri Masjid issue. The response was clear. That the temple owners needed to have responded at that long ago time when the mosque was buit. And in case they did not or could not, to raze the mosque centuries later was totally wrong.

I asked if a temple was discovered to be under tha Kothapeta mosque would local people demand the destruction of the mosque. Annapurna, Easwaramma, Chinapaapakka, Shankaranna - all of them simply waved away the thought.

Chinapaapakka told me that we had built our home on Pinna Pedda's land with their understanding. (The land adjacent to dalitwada belonged to the Kamma farmers, and we took some of their land to build our home on, as non dalits may not buy land in dalitwadas), She said that today if the Pinna Pedda's family demanded the land back, it would be improper. I said it was in their right (with my urban legal thinking) as we had still not registered and paid. She, with her simpler and clearer thinking, said that once agreed then, that matter was final.

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