Friday, 13 May 2016

Village vignettes - Sukanya

Feeling rather pleased ...

Sukanya just called up from the nursing college to tell me that she had passed her 2nd year GNM exams. Like any mother/ teacher I dutifully asked her her marks. She said 360/500. I asked her her class rank and she said 3rd. Despite all my disregard for marks and exams, I am extremely proud of her.

I knew her when she was in Class 3. Her drunkard father had abandoned her mother, and as she went to work as a conservency worker in TTD, leaving the child with her grandmother. She would be at our home a lot, and I loved her dearly. She was a mentor to all the children. She failed her maths in 10th, and spent that year grazing her grandmother's sheep in the forest. As i did not want to try making her pass her 10th not being sure of my own Telugu, we found a tution teacher in Tirupathi, and paid his fees, and found a small room where she stayed, cooking, and walking 6km to the tution class daily. She worked very very hard, and passed.

But life took many many more twists and turns, as in the lives of the poor, and now she is doing her GNM course. And shining. And the star and hope of her mother's life. Yes, sometimes I am also proud of my children.

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