Wednesday, 22 June 2016

FB Discussions - Jallikattu (3)

(via Sunny Narang)

I was talking with few people today in Delhi and they cannot understand why Tamils are so adamant about a sport that looks "Oh so uncool" .
They firstly have no idea of dryland farming or how most of rural India lives and works . They would think even a bullock-cart is animal exploitation while having steak !
Killing an animal is fine, that is "Right to consumption" , but an engagement of animal with humans is something that is "horrid" .
They who use cars and vehicles, whose total lifestyle is led on support of extracted oil and machines have no understanding of how animals are an essential part of livelihood of farmers, herders and rural transportation.
Then there are dozens of other issues of indigenous species of bulls . Milk cattle can be hybrid but then needs huge support in resources . But bulls that pull plough and carts are specialised to climate and locality .
And there are enough studies on horse-racing being cruel , has anyone banned that ?
Currently, 83% of the farmers in India fall under small and marginal segment (Marginal landholding – <1 ha and Small land holding- 1-2 ha), where tractor penetration is close to 1%.
Small and Marginal farmers can at most hire tractors of use bulls .
The industrialised-urban media cannot get this . They speak for the tractor manufacturers and international NGO's who no one listens to even in Spain and Latin America.
As they say in North India , #‎KeHumHiMileTheKya , that were we the only ones you found to teach lessons to ?
Go teach your fellow people to stop bullfighting and horse-racing , rodeos and other such stuff .

And above all , if you want to ban something , first think out how the traditional bull species will be saved and how the herders and farmers who are losing income will be subsidised .

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