Saturday, 18 June 2016

FB Discussions - Scavenging

"A friend in Delhi once told me how it was impossible to get people in her apartment to stop using their toilets for an hour when a clogged sewer was being unclogged by Dalit men. That’s the closest liberals—who do not mostly let their servants even use the toilets or lifts—can come to being nice and asking others to be nice. And they mostly fail. After all, we are a nation of people who like to take a shit when a train halts at a station. Who cleans up after us has never been our problem."

Jagga Lalgudy If SC's stop cleaning it, then the stench will force the FC's to come and clean it on their own.

Aparna Krishnan They need two meals a day. This is the option. We have pushed them to the wall.

Jagga Lalgudy Yeah, by stopping the cleaning for just two days will force the others to pay more or will force them to come clean it on their own.

Siva Vats FCs will move from shit to shit but not clean shit except their own family's. They as a class have money to move and hungry SCs to buy. Will Jan Dhan Yojana remit Rs. 10,000 pm into Bank ac of all shit cleaning SCs for one year in just one expltl district and watch the fun reform happening socio economically..

Jagga Lalgudy Siva Vats Very good idea!

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula When Govt sanitation worker jobs were exclusively reserved for a few "SC" communities in Maharashtra or Gujarat, there was no uproar against it by the "meritocracy" crowd which doesn't miss an opportunity to target the reservation system otherwise! 

That itself is the biggest reason why we need reservations. Our PM is on record having said that Valmikis should consider their work service to God!

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