Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I got into FB with deep reservations two years ago. The primary reason was to share about a village I knew. its realities - richnesses and poverty and inbuilt strengths of the rural and inbuilt systemic injustices against the rural. Our own work has been primarily based in one village, and the idea has been to collective create such simple processes that can be replicable across other villages and panchayats. We have never been an NGO, and its as neighbours and friends and members of the community that we have been living here for the last 20 years.
And in this 'virtual' FB world I originally doubted, I have found such friends, and co-travellers as I would not have imagined. Friends, originally strangers, who have gone out on a limb to think along, and with whom it has been a joy to work with, and simply engage with and hang out. Many have become friends in the real world, met in person and cherished.
Many connections were worked out though the circle. Networks with sensitive officers and friends was built up which helped the village deal with drought. Friends who have thought along deeply about this village, as they have been working on same issues in other villages. And with their help many things have been happening. Livlihoods have built up - bag making, pickles making, moving organic produce to organic markets.
Friends who have helped with expenses towards restoring health and ayurveda to the village, and neighbouring villages. Friends who have helped the children of this village out of their anaemia and malnourishment with milk and answagandhadhi. In such a remarkable manner that this simple process is being replicated in a few other places across the country by friends.
Friends who have taken on the burdens of those families which need direct support, because they have been pushed beyond the edge. Friends who have owned up individual health crises of families. Friends who have helped towards the children and their needs. Friends who pitched in when i realized that distress sales of cattle was on the anvil, and landless families would lose their only asset if some fodder was not somehow arranged.
Friends who have been doing so much in their own spaces that staying in touch empowers and strengthens and infuses energy and hope when both start flagging.
I want to thank each person personally, but I hesitate as I would leave out some name. But then again I know that thanking is also out of place as it is all shared concerns and heartaches, this village and all villages. But I am grateful for the friendships and the joy and the sharings. Problems shared get halved and joys doubled. And that has happenned.

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